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Since 2018, The Dalkey Duck has represented all facets of the culinary world, it is destined to be the place-to-go to challenge and satisfy your inquisitiveness for great food. A gastropub and live music venue with a front terrace, snug, large bar, dining room and beautiful garden and terraces for al fresco entertaining, The Dalkey Duck is the latest venture by proprietor Gary Whelan, an Irish actor known for his work on Ballykissangel, The Bill and Eastenders.

The Challenge

Time consuming task and payroll errors

Building rotas and monitoring staff time using spreadsheets was causing both internal and customer facing issues.

Not only was this manual approach laborious and time consuming, the business had no accurate way of ensuring they had the right amount of staff in the right place at the right time in order to meet customer demand. Time and attendance data wasn’t accurate enough, which meant payroll also caused recurring issues. When it came to publishing the schedule, staff rotas were sent out in group chats and a copy put up in the workplace which led to poor communication and confusion amongst employees when any changes were made.

So, Operations Manager, Stuart O’Neill  set about finding a workforce management solution that would help them overcome these challenges, but they wanted a software that would be easy to use and not cause any further complications. This is where they turned to Bizimply for help.

“Bizimply had exactly what we needed. A simple user interface, the means to improve communication across the business, flexible integrations, outstanding support and access to in-depth attendance data made Bizimply stand out from the competition.”

The Solution

Immediate results

Since implementing Bizimply, The Dalkey Duck has seen a great improvement across multiple areas of the business. From more efficient scheduling, more productive employees and even payroll is now a breeze. It is consistently accurate due to a more precise way of monitoring staff time with the iPad clock in and out. Having real-time visibility over costs has meant they can schedule staff time more efficiently and achieve the balance between number of employees and customer demand when creating the shifts. 

With the MyZimply App and other features within the software, communication has significantly improved across the business, managers can communicate daily tasks lists that need to be completed on each shift and now thanks to the introduction and real-time push notifications staff receive schedules instantly when published. 

“Implementing Bizimply has helped us to improve employee communication drastically across the business. The team are loving the increased visibility and control of the mobile app; MyZimply has given them over their upcoming shifts. It’s easier than ever for them to request to swap shifts and to see who they will be working with next.”

The Dalkey Duck have managed to take Workforce Management to the next level since implementing Bizimply and they have even implemented Bizimply into their restaurant The Wild Duck in Temple Bar due to the results of trialing it in the Dalkey Duck.

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