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Ideally located in Dublin’s Temple Bar district, Fitzsimons Temple Bar has nightlife, restaurants, shopping and cultural activities right in the heat of Dublin.

Fitzsimons Bar is the unrivalled party venue in the Temple Bar area. With 5 floors to choose from, you can choose between multiple bars, enjoying live music in the main bar, sipping cocktails in the rooftop garden and embracing lovely views over Temple Bar, and even the weekend nightclub.

Fitzsimons is a must for those who enjoy a good time with party people. They open late 7 nights a week, a great place for a party if you’re visiting Dublin!

We spoke with General Manager, Krisztina Hegedus to see how the business was going since getting Bizimply rolled out. 

The Challenge

The team at Fitzsimons bar were not unfamiliar with using employee management software. However, the system they previously had in place did not fulfil their needs; “nobody was using the system properly as it was quite awkward to use.”

They found many of the features were outdated and often led to tasks like payroll to be more time consuming; “We struggled previously, I would spend 3-4 hours on a Monday just to process payroll.” Krisztina exclaimed. 

When it came to staff clocking in and out, hours were not recorded properly. These errors led to inaccurate calculations, which resulted in additional costs for the business. Krisztina knew this could not continue.

fitzsimons temple bar

The Solution

After researching better ways to manage their day-to-day operations with cloud software,  Krisztina stumbled upon Bizimply.

For Fitzsimons Temple Bar, implementing Bizimply wasn’t just about making it easier to process payroll, but to have greater control over costs and a daily review on payroll and spend. 

“We see Bizimply as a wage management tool, as well as their brilliant staff scheduling solution.”

Anyone who runs a business will be aware of the importance of having visibility over costs at a more granular level, including costs per department and forecasted revenue, it has been game changing for the business, especially as they have a Bar, Restaurant, Nightclub and Hotel.

Staff attendance data is now completely accurate; “as staff clock in and out on the Timestation, these hours sync straight to the timecards in the account. This eliminates me having to manually enter any hours for payroll, it saves so much time.”

Fitzsimons Temple Bar is already seeing savings on labour costs; “With Bizimply, I’m reassured that these hours are completely accurate, we have more granular and accurate data, helping us monitor business performance.

Processing payroll is now a breeze for Krisztina. “The system is very user friendly, I can create popular shift times that suit each department in the business and colour code positions. The labour graphs ensure you have enough staff on to cover demand, it’s extremely helpful!”

Overall, Krisztina and her team are delighted with Bizimply. They find operational efficiency has increased. “Now we can focus on more staff engagement, while making sure the business is performing.” 

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