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Polbeth Service Station is a 24hr, award winning food & drink and convenient in-store service that incorporates a Subway. 

The Challenge

Before Bizimply, Polbeth Service Station were stuck in their old ways  using pen and paper to create their daily rotas which only consisted of the employees name, the shifts assigned to them and then scribbles of the hours that each employee actually worked. Denis knew this approach was extremely outdated, but it was also a time consuming and laborious task between having to decipher what these scribbled hours were and then manually entering these hours into the Payroll system for each employee. He also realised it does not effectively accommodate for the relational employee scheduling technique.

“The basic management of staffing at Polbeth was difficult to do as everything was paper-based and difficult to track,” says Denis. “There was no real time visibility of who had shown up for their shift. On top of that, Managers had to manually do payroll, which took one person an entire day and as you can imagine resulted in a lot of frustrations and many errors.”

Polbeth Service Station has a Subway franchise within their store which is another department they had to schedule. There was often a lot of confusion as they could never clearly see who they had scheduled for the shop floor and who they had scheduled for the Subway department. This lack of clarity meant it took longer to create the rotas.

Time and Attendance of staff was a nightmare for Denis. They had no system in place that accurately tracked what time staff arrived to their shift and what time they left. This was a costly process as sometimes wages would have been overestimated. Denis wanted the ability to improve this and monitor staff time with greater accuracy; a system that would give his team more accountability when it came to clocking in and out.

The lack of tight record keeping and delayed updates from the Manager was not ideal when it came to doing Payroll. Again, calculations were completed manually and then entered into the payroll system so employees could get their wages. 

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The Solution

Denis knew that implementing Bizimply would help a lot with his pain points, however the staff may not have been as keen with the idea. Staff were used to the manual processes and took a while to get adjusted. Although, it didn’t take them long to see the benefits! 

“When we compared the old manual way we used to do it alongside Bizimply, staff couldn’t get over the improvement in operations.” 

Bizimply’s impact on the business is even more far-reaching. “We feel like we’ve made a big step going digital in this industry, especially being a smaller service station; Denis says. “Bizimply has totally modernised the way we do things around here and it has really paid off!”

Denis has completely streamlined the way schedules are managed. He has been able to create popular shifts for his store and uses the colour coding on the schedule to distinguish the different departments. “It’s no longer confusing when it comes to scheduling staff for the floor and staff for Subway, I have different colours for each section so I can clearly identify who has been scheduled where – it’s a game changer!”

Denis has been able to optimise staffing to make sure they have exactly the right number of staff on every shift and for each department.


The days of the dreaded Payroll are over. Denis has completely reduced the hours spent on payroll; “we’re now doing payroll in a couple of hours”. Through the implementation of the Brightpay accounting system, Bizimply’s integration allows shift times from the Timestation to be linked directly to Timecards and all Managers have to do is approve these for payroll, this eliminates any errors from manually inputting data into a spreadsheet. 

Polbeth Service Station has not only reduced time spent on payroll from one day to a couple of hours. They have streamlined and improved their scheduling process by cutting down time creating the rota as well as being able to provide their staff with the rota for a few weeks in advance. 

We’ve seen;

“Better shift management, the ease of sharing staff rotas and better visibility of on-site activity.”

Improving operations like this in the business means Denis and his team can make better decisions for the business and focus on other ways of improving for the future. “I am excited to see more improvements as the months go on and would refer Bizimply to anyone in the industry as I know I’m not the only one who once suffered these challenges”.

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