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Let Managers Manage

Store Managers And General Managers: Let Them Lead!

Store and general managers can be among the most important staff in hospitality, so it is essential that they get the room and resources to lead…

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Control Costs With The UK Minimum Wage Increase Calculator

With the UK Minimum Wage increasing in April 2020, we've prepared a free wage calculator to forecast and prepare for the coming changes to labour…

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Minimum Wage UK

UK Minimum Wage 2020: How It Affects The Hospitality Industry

The UK minimum wage will increase in 2020, which will have a huge effect on the hospitality industry. Learn what businesses should do to reduce its…

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Oven Energy

15 Ways To Make Restaurant Ovens And Heating More Efficient

It costs a lot to power kitchen equipment to provide the best food possible. Here are a few ways to save on heating equipment overhead costs.

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Refrigeration Restaurant

Keep A Cool Overhead – 6 Ways To Reduce Refrigeration Costs

Take a look at how restaurants can reduce refrigeration costs, and save on overheads in our series detailing how small changes make a big difference.

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Stockkeeping variances

What To Consider When Keeping Track Of Restaurant Inventory

Having trouble with managing how much is in your storeroom for your restaurant at any one time? Here are a few ways to improve your tracking of…

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Stock Take

Stock Take: How To Quickly And Reliably Check Your Inventory

A stock take is the inspection of inventory held on-hand. As a regular manual process, stock taking is necessary as it verifies variations in…

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Refrigerated Inventory

Keep Productivity Warm By Managing Refrigerated Inventory

Ensure profits keep flowing in by correctly refrigerating goods. Proper maintenance of frozen produce can mean big savings through minimal effort!

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Inventory Storage Staff

Maximise Inventory Efficiency By Ensuring Staff Accountability

Assign the right people to inventory management to ensure success in your business and account for all of your stock when you need it.

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