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Find Out How To Cut Labour Costs At Restaurant/Bar Tech Live

These days, with rising labour costs, it is paramount that businesses look for ways to save on expenses. Find out how at Restaurant & Bar Tech Live!

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Mobile Workforce Management: MyZimply – Bizimply’s Employee App

Discover the ultimate mobile workforce management solution with Bizimply's MyZimply app, allowing employees to access their schedules from their…

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Top Reasons To Avoid Consumer Messaging Platforms For Business

Vulnerabilities in messaging systems are being discovered all the time. Avoid using these consumer-oriented apps to communicate sensitive business…

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Unexpected Item in Bagging Area

Self-checkout machines clearly divide people; while some find it handy, others can't stand the idea. But is there a real future for self-checkout in…

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Can Our Robot Be Of Further Assistance?

Retail & hospitality companies are applying artificial intelligence in new ways across the entire product and service cycle. Here are a few areas…

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