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Using timesheet software enables managers to record staff hours with ease and get accurate timesheets in a click.
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Timesheet software can be a useful tool for businesses that have employees working on shifts. It allows managers to easily track employee hours, schedule shifts, and manage payroll.

Here are some of the benefits of using a timesheet system for shift-based businesses:

1. Automated time tracking: Automatically track employee hours, eliminating the need for manual timekeeping and reducing the risk of errors. The software can help you to ensure compliance in your business.

2. Schedule management: Timesheet software allows managers to easily create and manage employee schedules, ensuring that the right number of employees are scheduled for each shift.

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3. Payroll management: Timesheet software can calculate employee pay based on hours worked, making payroll management easier and more efficient.

4. Leave management: It allows managers to keep track of employee leave requests and approve or deny them accordingly.

5. Reporting and analysis: Timesheet software can generate various reports and analytics on employee hours, payroll, and attendance which can be helpful for the management in making important decisions.

6. Mobile compatibility: Many timesheet software are mobile-compatible, allowing employees to clock in and out remotely using their smartphones or tablets.

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7. Integrations: Some timesheet software can integrate with other business systems such as accounting, HR or payroll software making the process more seamless.

It is always advisable to do research and choose a software that best fits your business needs and budget!

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