‘Our brand name, NICCE, originated from the expression “Niiiiice” – the expression of joy and support for others. Community has always been important to us, and with the launch of NICCE AnyWear we’re revisiting through the lens of this emotion and the positivity that surrounds it. Our community expansion introduces wellness and responsibility, to become a more balanced brand and engage a wider audience.’

The Challenge

Mansoor, who is the Director at NICCE revealed that as the business was expanding so did his demands. He now had to keep track of more than one location with more employees. As a result, managing his workforce and keeping control of his operations became more difficult. Mansoors’ solution was to look for a better software that would overcome these challenges and that’s how they got started with Bizimply!

“Staff wages are the biggest cost for any employer and we knew this was definitely an area we could make some reductions on, this option of selecting your own clock in time was costing us.”

Mansoor shared how there was no formal process in place for staff to request time off work; “if staff wanted a day off work they either told their Manager, which would often be forgotten or they would write down the dates on a sheet of paper we had in the office. Often the staff member would still be scheduled for a shift on the day they had requested off and it meant the schedule had to be created again, which wasted time.”

With smaller businesses, it is much easier to keep control of your labour costs and forecast for demand better. However, with expansion, it can be difficult to keep track. “I wanted a software where I could get reports on our sales and labour costs, using these reports to make smarter business decisions, I think this is particularly important as we grow.”

After a demo of the software, it didn’t take long for Mansoor to make a decision to implement Bizimply, he was impressed! He knew this would give him the control he needs.

The Solution

Time and Attendance is now tracked using Bizimply’s Timestation App, the Bizimply dashboard now shows the predicted and actual labour hours and costs. Staff can easily clock in and out on an iPad that is set up in each location, using a unique 4 digit pin. To eliminate buddy punching, the app takes a quick snap of who is clocking in and out, so make sure to tell your staff to smile! 

“With the hours being clocked, all managers have to do is to check the hours and approve each employee’s timecards, the convenience of not having to manually enter any data is amazing and is saving our managers 2-3 hours a week.”

Staff at NICCE can now book time off. They submit this time through their employee portal on the desktop app or MyZimply app. “Schedule changes are rare since we implemented Bizimply, staff request dates off, managers either approve or deny the request and if approved, the time off shows up on the schedule for that employee meaning they can’t be accidentally scheduled, it sounds so simple but makes such a difference to how we operate.”

Mansoor highlighted how staff have become more engaged since Bizimply was implemented. They feel they have more control over their shifts at work, allowing them to plan their social lives better, which is important too. 

The team at NICCE now have better insight into labour and sales data with the software. They use the data to identify any trends, see where changes are necessary and use these to improve innovations of the company. “Forecasting has become much more accurate and we are able to act valuably on that.”

A lot has changed already for NICCE with only a few months of having the Bizimply software. We are delighted to see both Managers and the team are enjoying the product and see they are already reaping the benefits. 

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