Employee Scheduling and Productivity in the Workplace

Efficient employee scheduling can benefit a number of other factors in the workplace such as productivity, engagement and experiences.
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Efficient employee scheduling is key in 2023.

As a business, you want to schedule employees more efficiently and improve workplace productivity so you can scale your business and stay ahead of the competition. 

Schedules are designed to aid businesses to run as efficiently as possible; ensuring you have the right amount of staff on a shift to cover demand, as well as the expertise to fulfil business goals and objectives.

Employee Workplace Schedule

More flexible schedules are optimal to keep your staff happy. 

Full time and part time employees have other commitments such as: university, second jobs, children or caring responsibilities. 

Stable, effective management of your employee schedule ensures:

  • Staff can plan their life schedules as they get the rota in advance, 
  • Reduces time wasting on schedule adjustments if a staff member takes ill or cannot make their shift, 
  • Less schedule inconsistency – this means employees can have a better work-life relationship and a healthier lifestyle,
  • Increased workplace productivity, engaged team members and happier customers. 
Schedule - Labour Hours Graph Bizimply

Better time management

Is creating the weekly schedule eating into your time? Staying organised in your procedures and how you approach your schedule will reduce the time you need to spend on it. 

Do you use employee scheduling software? Managers can reduce the time spent creating a rota. 

See what customers are saying about Bizimply:

“Bizimply saves us approximately 30 hours of admin work per week in total for all locations.” 

Ciara Glover, Kay’s Kitchen.

employee scheduling at Kay's Kitchen

An employee scheduling software saves you time with the simple features they have such as;

  • Drag and drop – dragging the shift onto the schedule which can be easily adjusted.
  • Creating popular shifts – these are shift times that are customised to suit your business requirements.
  • Holiday requests or Unavailability automatically appear on the schedule, meaning staff who have requested this time off cannot be accidentally scheduled.  

With a lot more benefits to add, rota scheduling software will enable managers to exert their efforts elsewhere in the business, improving the businesses’ bottom line. 

Happier workforce and customer satisfaction

Who doesn’t want a happy workforce?

“Economists carried out a number of experiments to test the idea that happy employees work harder. In the laboratory, they found happiness made people around 12% more productive.” (Warwick, 2022)

A happy bunch of staff will be engaged, productive and your business will have better staff retention rates. 

Improved Communication

Communication in every workplace is key.

In particular in shift – based businesses like hospitality and retail, it can be the difference between having the required employees to cover a shift and being short-staffed. 

A communication system in the workplace allows for everyone to understand and stay up to date. Whether this is through verbal communication at team meetings, emails, text messages or calls. 

However, with so many lines of communication, it can start to get messy and that is where miscommunication occurs. 

With a communication tool, or even the scheduling tool, it comes with features where it allows for seamless communication to happen. 

With an employee scheduling software, managers can publish rotas right to the staff members mobile phone and if rota adjustments are required, managers can choose to republish to those employees it affected only.*

*This is only applicable to Bizimply software.

This type of setup is ideal as all or the majority of your employees will have access to a mobile phone. 

It also allows for staff members to communicate amongst themselves. They have the right information to communicate with their team members, especially if they ever need to swap a shift last minute. 

This alleviates the pressure off the manager to try to get a shift covered at the last minute and puts the responsibility on the employee to sort out their shift. 

What are Labour Costs?

“The cost of labour is the sum of all wages paid to employees, as well as the cost of employee benefits and payroll taxes paid by an employer. The cost of labour is broken into direct and indirect (overhead) costs” (Investopedia).

Labour costs are an organisation’s biggest costs. 

Our solutions consultant Sean ran a Scheduling and Productivity Workshop. 

He discussed the challenges businesses are facing at the moment, amongst increase in costs and the cost of living, staff shortage, insurance costs, meeting demands and more. 

Watch the workshop here if you would like to hear the tips on what can enable you to overcome these challenges:

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to use your business data to make smarter business decisions and a head start on strategic execution.

There are ample ways to reduce your spend on labour costs:

  • Stagger the time staff are arriving for their shifts, for example; the usual evening shift begins at 5pm, depending on how busy your location is, have 1 or 2 members of staff arrive at 5pm, another at 5:30pm or 6pm and so on. You will be surprised how much those extra minutes can reduce your weekly labour costs. 
  • Set targets and try to stick to them, without targets there is no way to ensure a steady labour cost. Work out what your current labour costs are based on one weeks schedule and try to reduce it by 1% for next week and build it from there. 
  • Use your data wisely!

Sean goes deeply into this in the video, so make sure to tune in!

If you would like to speak with Sean to discuss your options further, book here.  

Scheduling with Bizimply enables you to make more informed business decisions knowing that you are fully compliant with any regulatory, legal, or contractual obligations.

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