HR Management with Bizimply


Centralize Employee Data

  • Quickly set up digital employee records in Bizimply
  • Contact anyone at any time, from your manager's app
  • Store all employee information securely
  • Restrict access to sensitive employee details

Invite Employee Participation

All employees will have access to their own personal profile on MyZimply, This allows them to easily update certain HR information, taking the load off managers.

Boost Communications

Invite employees to partake in simple "Happy or Not" survey as they finish their shift.

  • Follow your employees happiness levels across different shifts and different days of the week
  • Open up the lines of communication. Know when your employees are happy and when they’re not.
  • It’s fast, simple and it’s anonymous! Engage them while protecting their privacy

Organised Record Keeping

Reduce admin time, safe in the knowledge that your information is protected and secure.

  • Onboarding Checklists
  • Training Completed
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Issues

Time Off Management

  • Approve and manage time off requests
  • Time off records visible on schedule so you don't double book
  • Approve time off in each employee's timecard, ready for payroll.
  • Calculate holiday hours accrued for hourly paid staff
  • Calculate paid and unpaid days taken for salary paid staff

Run Health Checks

Monitor absenteeism, turnover and retention levels as key indicators of unhappy staff

  • Bradford Factor Reports
  • New Hire Retention Reports
  • Staff Turnover % Reports