Employee management made for nursing homes.

Build a better business with Bizimply’s all-in-one people management solution. Expect intuitive scheduling, timesheet management, labour cost savings and more with Bizimply.


Store all caregivers information safely

Our HR Suite allows you to collect and organise all the information you need from your employees then helps you use it to make sure your employees are happy and well trained.​

employee management

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Bizimply schedules enables your caregivers to access their appointments and schedules anytime and lets them know when changes have been made to their schedules.​

“Having all the employee records on a centralised platform meant we could do away with spreadsheets and endless pieces of paper.”

Omar Chagani

Managing Director, Soar Group

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Rota & HR tech helps shift-based business track staff activity - Soar Group and Bizimply

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