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We have put together the latest range of management software that we feel will be beneficial for your restaurant, bar or retail venue.
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If you’re running a business that means one thing: your time is precious. Navigating through hundreds of websites to get the latest and most up to date management software for all your business needs won’t be at the top of your list. Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you and put together the latest tech management software we know you need!


Vita Mojo is a software company revolutionising the hospitality industry. Founded in 2016, by Nick Popovici and Stefan Catoiu, Vita Mojo introduced the first cash-less, cashier-less and digital-only restaurants in the UK. They continue to work on improving the management software by carrying out intensive research to help developments.

In 2019, Vita Mojo OS launched its cloud-based operating system to help other restaurant owners, operators and managers transform their customer experience, operations and data.

In addition to operating three Vita Mojo-branded restaurants, the Vita Mojo OS is now being used by clients at over 40 sites across the UK.

Vita Mojo OS is a single integrated platform across Front of House kiosks and EPOS, back of house KDS and capacity management, and live business intelligence dashboards. The system is designed to enhance the customer experience to enable menu discovery, food and allergy clarity, and digital interaction.


A better way to buy POS. Sell more in-store, online and on-the-go with StoreKit. Storekit supplies point-of-sale hardware, accessories, software selection advice and payment processing to small and medium size merchants. It is a platform for the point-of-sale (POS) industry. POS is what allows merchants to run their business and accept payments in their store, restaurant etc. The POS market is undergoing a massive transition towards more efficient, cloud based systems. While competition is intense between sellers, the offering remains complex/confusing for the buyers who end up buying the wrong things. It’s a broken market. StoreKit solves this by helping merchants choose the right tech and partners with the major software and payment companies to help them grow their customer base.

In 2020, StoreKit launched StoreKit Takeaway, software to help you accept orders from anywhere. That built on 5 years working with EPOS recommendations, card reader contracts, and the otherwise nitty-gritty of store tech.


A multi award winning company that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes with their online recruitment needs. With over 25 years’ experience in the E-Recruitment Industry, they were one of the first companies to predict the trend of online recruitment, and have been at the forefront of E-Recruitment since 1991. 

They are one of the UK’s leading providers of E-Recruitment management software with some of the world’s biggest brands trusting & partnering with them for years. They cut through all the jargon and complexity of E-Recruitment and combine seamlessly some of the most powerful and innovative technology on the market, coupled with an easy to understand & easy to use approach.

Their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software allows all your recruitment needs to be stored and managed from one central resource. Taking care of all key candidates facing elements such as: Job Advert Design, Application Form Design, and Careers Site Design. Peoplebank gives you a platform to be able to find and engage the best talent available. With an award winning ATS back office, they provide a modern, intuitive and easy to use platform to manage and communicate with candidates through every step of the recruitment process.


From an idea captured on the back of a napkin by the three Founders in 2008, the Group has since grown to now boast a global workforce to service their growing global client base. Sprout, a subsidiary of the MyGuestlist Group, assists businesses to enhance their customer engagement through beautiful email and SMS communication. Sprout simplifies the acquisition and management of customer data allowing marketers to focus on creating customer-centric communications. Sprout is feature rich guided by experiences gained over the past 10 years as an Australian based marketing automation company. Feedback from clients, marketers and tech partnerships sharing their frustrations with the industry product gaps delivered an impressive design roadmap for the team to follow when building Sprout. Sprout has been designed by the market and built by the MyGuestlist Group for the market.


Moorepay has been helping businesses since 1966. They are the clear market leader in payroll & HR solutions for UK businesses, with simple onboarding, easy-to-use management software, rich functionality and flexible services. Moorepay’s cloud-based HR software helps you manage the employee life-cycle with ease. You can say goodbye to spreadsheets and paper, all your employee data will be safely stored in one place that’s accessible online. They are also part of Zellis, a UK leader in tackling the HR challenges of business and government in the 21st century.


Founded in 2011 by Norman Hewson and Gerard Forde, Bizimply began when they realised the difficulties that existed in running a multi location business using paper and spreadsheets. Bizimply allows you to quickly schedule your team across multiple locations, capture day-to-day information from each location, monitor attendance via our iPad app and prepare payroll in minutes, not hours. Bizimply are the all-in-one people and shift management software solution which changes the way you work. They combine those day-to-day management tasks: scheduling, HR, Clock-in, shift reporting, training schedules – along with a dashboard that makes regular contact with your business an easy task – no matter how many locations you have or where you are. Founder Gerard believes managers should be on the shop floor, driving sales and developing staff not stuck in the office, frustrated with spreadsheets, notebooks and emails. Implementing Bizimply allows for a clear snapshot of how your business is functioning, not just for the owner, but from the point of view of all staff. If the day-to-day is easier for them, your customers will see the benefit. Book your free demo now to see how this workforce management software works. 


Marketman is a collaboration management software between foodservice operators and their suppliers; a cloud-based inventory management and purchasing app focused on streamlining procurement, delivery and accounting. The system is in use by full service restaurants, quick service restaurants, coffee shops, bars, food trucks, bakeries, and manages the procurement and supply from product catalog and prices, through the delivery and accounting. Marketman was built out of desire to help businesses streamline processes and save money. MarketMan helps multi-unit operators and independent restaurants to improve their bottom line.

MarketMan provides the most robust yet user friendly system on the market. The combination of multi-unit view, supplier integration, mobile app, commissary account and system designed for the restaurant industry, MarketMan is the leading Back of House inventory software today.


Feed it Back, which was launched in 2008 by Julia and Carlo Platia, aggregates customer satisfaction for its clients both directly, and by tracking the immediate feedback posted on online channels such as Facebook and TripAdvisor.

Feed It Back gathers and provides consumer insights, EPOS data, feedback surveys, and consolidated reports for the hospitality sector. They have developed the only system to combine restaurant and other hospitality establishment guests’ feedback with live EPOS information about their visit: what they bought, what they spent, who served them and more. The information is crucial to decisions about everything from menu development to service improvement and marketing. 

The benefit of the service is that it is straightforward, immediate and is beneficial management software for both the establishment and the customer. Improved service and meeting customer requirements means a better experience all round and a more efficient, profitable business as a result. Understanding the detail of what’s happening and paying attention to it creates a business full of happier guests and happier staff. That makes your whole brand experience much more enjoyable for everyone – making the work of senior management so much more productive and rewarding too!


ResDiary is a web application sold as software as a service and is accessible via the Internet. A reservation and online order system that is designed to help hospitality venues recover, increase revenue, and avoid hefty commissions on covers. ResDiary is one of the world’s leading providers of online restaurant reservations, seating over 13.9 million diners per month across more than 8,100 restaurants in 59 countries. ResDiary helps to manage bookings, from taking online reservations to managing tables, selling tickets, and taking online payments.

The software delivers market-leading yield and table management technology, while helping build customer databases and profiles to develop relationships and loyalty. ResDiary’s market-leading table management features give you full control over every service. Their features include; Table Management, W8List™, Yield Management, ResPhone, Pre-Order by ResDiary, Group Central Reservations. Check them out here. 


The app, which was co-founded by LivingSocial UK/Ireland founder Peter Briffett, works with employers to give workers access to their own wages before payday to deal with unexpected expenses. The aim is to reduce employees’ dependence on credit cards, overdrafts or payday loans for emergency funding, which can result in hefty charges. Using Wagestream, workers are only ever accessing their own money and it is restricted to a maximum of 50% of wages already earned at the time of the transaction. There is a flat fee for each transaction, regardless of value, set at €1.75.

The management software helps to build the financial health of a workforce. These unique set of financial tools are accessible for all employees within your business. The tools take each colleague on a journey towards financial resilience through budgeting, streaming, learning and saving features.

Wagestream customise a full range of usage controls, alerts and reporting that you can access for your whole organisation and individual employees. It is reported that the average amount transferred by current users is just £70 and has saved these colleagues from having to turn to payday loans as an alternative. 


Tenzo is an analytics and sales forecasting platform for restaurants, bars and cafes. It integrates with your POS system, labour planner, and inventory management platform to bring all your restaurant data together in one app and send actionable insights to the right person at the right time on desktop or mobile. Tenzo’s reporting helps you drive up revenues while reducing costs and makes running a restaurant business more zen. Tenzo integrates with your POS, labour and inventory systems, allowing users to view all of their data in one place: a beautifully designed analytics platform. Your data is updated in real-time so decisions can be made on the fly. You have access to lightning-fast reporting and clear, actionable insights are laid out before you. 

Tenzo’s management software is easy-to-understand and the interface gives you access to metrics that analyse sales, labour, employee performance and inventory in just one click. This allows you to eliminate the time you spend on tedious report pulling, excel-sheet wrangling, graph fiddling, and file attaching. Not only can Tenzo aggregate all your data for analysis, but it also uses machine learning to more accurately forecast your future sales, taking into account variables such as weather, holidays and custom events. More accurate forecasting allows you to optimize your labour schedule and order exactly the inventory you need, eliminating overstaffing, understaffing, and food waste.


The idea of Ezora was born in 2008, when Founder’s, Alan O’Neill and Brian McIntyre, noticed the financial inefficiencies within the Food & Beverage industry. After four years of painstaking product development, Alan and Brian had finally developed a management software that would soon become the leading provider of web based intelligence, automation, analytics, and reporting solutions, in the market. The management software is dedicated to helping food retailers improve their bottom line and grow their business. Ezora enables businesses to manage the key drivers of their corporate performance, along with helping them make better decisions and improve their bottom line.

By doing this, Ezora helps Food & Beverage operators grow more efficient and profitable businesses through: Data – Bringing the data together, in one place, from the many business systems used in a f&b organisation. Accounting – Automating the accounting to minimise the manual bookkeeping and getting to useful information more quickly. Information – giving all people in the organisation the (financial) information they need, every day.

There you have it! The best management software for your restaurant, retail store or bar in 2021.

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