Photo Capture For Time and Attendance Can Improve Business

Do you track Time & Attendance of your staff? Having a Time and Attendance system has many benefits you may be unaware of.
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Time and Attendance (T&A) is the process of capturing the time that your staff clocked in for their shift, the time they took their assigned breaks and the time that they clocked out of their shift. Having a Time and Attendance system has many benefits you may be unaware of. Here are a few;

  1. Time and Attendance tracking can be a fully automated process and employee shift times can be monitored, 
  2. User friendly tool that can help to optimise labour costs,
  3. Accurate and reliable, easy to use system that sends employee shift times straight to timecards, 
  4. It’s easy to implement. No additional hardware required, 
  5. Works autonomously in online / offline modes. 

So why should we capture Time and Attendance in our workplace?

Monitoring the exact times your staff clocked in and out for their shift may sound a little dramatic or a task in itself, but honestly with a workforce management software that enables you to capture staff Time and Attendance it is just the beginning of you saving money and time! 

The main functions:

Timecards: For staff to get paid the right amount of money, tracking the hours worked is essential, especially if they are paid hourly. 

HR: Accurate hours worked by each employee is required so you can calculate holiday accruals and track their time-off-in-lieu (TOIL) balances

Many businesses don’t have an accurate reflection of these times or else they rely on their scheduled hours to calculate this data, which may not always be correct. For example; an employee may have been scheduled to work for an 8 hour shift but only worked for 6 hours because it was quiet and they were sent home. That’s 2 hours of a difference where your business is losing out on labour costs.   Processes like this will not be of benefit to your organisation and it results in inaccurate balances elsewhere.

Why go digital?

Hello!? Pen and paper is a thing of the past. Digitising all your documents and storing them in one safe and secure system is the best way to stay compliant. Also you want to cut down on those manual labour processes as much as possible. Flicking through pages and pages to ensure everyone has signed in and out or having to text around all your employees to find out the hours worked is far too time consuming and takes the focus away from other areas of the business you could be putting your efforts into. Inputting data into a spreadsheet for it then to be sent over to Payroll can take hours, then there are the holidays and sickness days. Oh and don’t forget holiday accruals and calculating those TOIL balances; all fun and games! 

Manual processes also increase the risk of human error. A time and attendance software minimises the number of costly errors you might make. With time and attendance software, you not only save time but you are also saving money. 

Are your staff being honest? The phrase ‘buddy punching’ has been coined for the exact reason that your staff may be getting another employee to clock them in without them even having arrived on site yet. You’re paying for minutes and hours that an employee has not worked. Implementing a Time and Attendance system will eradicate the ability to do this, cutting down on your labour costs. 

What happens if you lose those precious documents with your employees hours worked? You’re taking a huge risk! Yes you can always asked them for the hours they worked, but again, will they remember correctly? Also, think of the time you’re going to waste trying to gather this information that could be put to good use somewhere else. 

Why do businesses come to Bizimply? They want to eliminate the manual and make the switch to digital; simple as! Businesses who come to us are either using pen and paper to record shift times, relying on staff to communicate their hours honestly, or a biometric clock that is unreliable and inaccurate. It’s a no brainer why they sign up with Bizimply!

How does Bizimply’s Time and Attendance software work?

Handling Time and Attendance alongside Bizimply’s other core features of scheduling and staff management brings about a huge range of benefits.

Real time data: You’ll be able to see a side-by-side comparison of scheduled hours vs actual hours worked. See who’s clocked in on each location, if they’re on their break and when they have clocked out. Also, these hours process straight through to the employee time cards for approval from management. 

Accurate data: Any times that appear on the timecards are a true reflection of the hours that your employees clocked in and out at. Also alerts are shown on the dashboard in your Bizimply account if someone has forgotten to clock out, the manager can then manually clock them out and correct the hours worked. 

Smart timesheets: Holidays, overtime and sickness records are taken into account, which is brilliant when it comes to Payroll – cuts out all the hard work! 

Cut down your costs: Time and Attendance will allow for demand planning, monitoring and analysing trends over a period of time will allow you to schedule smarter for the demands of your business.

Information handling: All this information is stored in our easy-to-use cloud based system and easily accessible from anywhere. It gives you the ability to monitor how timely your staff are and use trends to create different shift times if necessary. 

HR processes: Automatically crediting (or debiting) TOIL and instantly accruing holidays (either for balances or for pay) and more.

Of course, Time and Attendance alone would not create a massive change to your business operations without the other features of a workforce management software. As well as integrations with other systems. 

Bizimply’s Timestation is a simple concept that works perfectly. An iPad is wall-mounted in your location, you download an app and it is immediately synced to your existing Bizimply app to give you a live feed of clock-in information. When the team arrives, they simply punch in and ‘say cheese’ – as the app captures an image of them. The app works online or offline.

The App not only looks great but will save you a fortune. One customer who has been using it for the past 3 weeks informed us; “We have already seen a 10% reduction in labour costs and it has turned payroll from a 2 hour weekly task into a 10 minute breeze!”

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