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“I love being able to see the overall labour costs, labour sales % for each store for each day. That for me is brilliant.”

Lisa Quinlan

Owner - The Rolling Donut

Time and attendance monitoring is made simple with Bizimply!

Bizimply can make employee time tracking easy, and significantly improve your business operations and efficiency.

Our trustworthy attendance records are essential to paying people for the hours they actually worked. You may not realise it, but an extra few minutes here and there will add up to a costly increase in labour spend and you’ll get a big surprise when reviewing your accounts. 

When your team clocks in and out with Bizimply, these times will update on each individual  timesheet, they’ll be extremely accurate, rounded and ready to be exported for payroll!

Time and Attendance (T&A) is the process of capturing the hours that your staff worked up when working on a shift, it will factor in the time they took their break at and the time they returned from their break, as well as the time they finished up for their shift.  Implementing a Time and Attendance system into your workplace has multiple benefits that will improve operational efficiency and employee productivity. 

Time and Attendance tracking can be a fully automated process and employee shift times can be monitored. Simple tool to install and user friendly that will help to optimise labour costs. Consistency and accuracy are key when it comes to paying your employees. Having a time and attendance system is the most reliable way of doing so and will keep you compliant as it factors in break times etc. It is an easy to use system that sends employee shift times straight to timecards. It’s easy to implement. No additional hardware required. Bizimply’s Timestation also works autonomously in online / offline mode, so you never have to panic if you have unplanned WiFi downtime. 

So why should we capture Time and Attendance in our workplace?

Monitoring the exact times your staff clocked in and out for their shift may sound a little dramatic or a task in itself, but honestly with a workforce management software that enables you to capture staff Time and Attendance is just the beginning of you saving money, time and keeping yourself compliant with laws and regulations too!

The main functions include; Timecards: These are essential for staff to get paid the right amount of money they are owed for a shift, tracking the hours worked is essential, especially if they are paid hourly. Digital time cards will prevent manual errors and mistakes to be made. 

HR: Accurate hours worked by each employee is required so you can calculate holiday accruals and track their time-off-in-lieu (TOIL) balances. 

Many businesses don’t have an accurate reflection of these times or else they rely on their scheduled hours to calculate this data, which may not always be correct. For example; an employee may have been scheduled to work for an 8 hour shift but only worked for 6 hours because it was quiet and they were sent home. That’s 2 hours of a difference where your business is losing out on labour costs. Processes like this will not be of benefit to your organisation and it results in inaccurate balances elsewhere.

As I explained above, biometric clock-in systems are outdated, inconsistent and inaccurate. Pen and paper is a thing of the past. Converting all your documents and storing them digitally in one safe and secure system is the way to go. Cut down on manual labour and administrative processes as much as possible, plus you’re saving the environment!. Flicking through pages and pages to ensure everyone has signed in and out or having to text around all your employees to find out the hours worked is far too time consuming and takes the focus away from other areas of the business you could be putting your efforts into. Inputting data into a spreadsheet for it then to be sent over to Payroll can take hours, then there are the holidays and sickness days. Oh and don’t forget holiday accruals and calculating those TOIL balances; all fun and games! 

Attendance issues can be detected automatically with Bizimply’s Time and Attendance system. Inside your Bizimply account, you can monitor staff attendance records, any issues such as a member of staff forgetting to clock out will appear in the dashboard. This can be corrected by manually updating the individual employees timesheet – it only takes seconds! 

With a cloud based storage system like Bizimply you will have a full digital trail of records and amendments that have been made. If manual adjustments have been made, it will highlight who made this adjustment so you can clarify it is correct. Have all these records at hand and stay fully compliant if there ever was an audit to be completed. 

Make the rules in settings for overtime, holidays and paid absences. These will automatically be accounted for in timecards. This eliminated any manual calculations and errors on your behalf. 

With a photo capture Time and Attendance software, buddy punching is a thing of the past! Tell your staff to say cheese when clocking in with their unique four digit pin. No need to worry about extra expense, Bizimply Timestation app is available to download straight from the App store for your iPad and no professional installation required. 

The App not only looks nice up on the wall but it will save you a fortune. One customer who has been using it for the past 3 months informed us; “We have already seen a 5% reduction in labour costs and it has turned payroll from a 2 hour weekly task into a 10 minute breeze!”

We understand every business operates differently which is why you can adjust your own Settings within the Bizimply account. Set your own rules for overtime, holidays, other absences. The flexibility of Bizimply allows you to configure the rules to suit you and your business. Get started today and start to see major improvements on the attendance of your employees. Manage your team’s leave in the employee profiles. View different leave types, remaining balances, requests, and time booked off.


“I’ve been using Bizimply for years across my seven stores. It’s a brilliant tool to track and control costs”

Rob Robinson

Co-founder & Director

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