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Bizimply Timestation

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Track employee time and attendance with Bizimply’s time clock app.

Web Clock In

Clock in from your laptop

PC-Based Clocking Software enables employees to easily and securely manage their time and attendance directly from their desktop

“Accurate time and attendance records has led to a 15% reduction in our labour costs. That for me is brilliant.”

Lisa Quinlan

Owner - The Rolling Donut

GPS Mobile Clock In

With GPS time tracking, managers of mobile teams can verify employees are safely on-site, from anywhere.

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My favourite feature is the dashboard, it gives us an overview of the business on a daily basis

Andrew Moloney - Owner | Hook and Ladder

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The Bizimply Timestation is a reliable and cost-effective automated solution for businesses to track, record and monitor employee working hours, timekeeping, and breaks. It also deters time theft through two step employee verification.  It can be installed onto an iPad and deployed in minutes across multiple locations. Time and attendance data is captured in real-time and automatically synchronised with a centralised system that integrates seamlessly with Bizimply’s scheduling and payroll services and is guaranteed to operate 24/7, regardless of network issues by storing time and attendance data on the device.  Recording staff working hours is essential for creating a profitable business as it ensures labour costs are controlled, employees are paid correctly and on time and team productivity and morale is kept high.  For businesses that employ small teams this is a manageable task but as a workforce grows into many part-time employees, working variable daily shifts, across multiple locations, the time spent on monitoring, documenting, and calculating the hours worked for every individual staff member increases and the risk of errors becomes greater.  What industries can Time and Attendance Software help?
  • Hospitality – Restaurants, Bars/Pubs, Cafés, QSR & more.
  • Retail – Grocery stores, Fashion/Clothing, Delivery Services, Garden Centres, Gyms, Bakeries, Service Stations & more
  • Healthcare – Surgeries, Hospitality, Nursing Homes, Chemists/Pharmacies etc…
  • Industry – Manufacturing, Construction, Onsite roles, Finance, Security etc…
How easy is it to create timesheets with Time and Attendance software? With our simple clocking-in and out Timestation, the attendance tracking software encourages staff to be present and punctual. Timesheets are created within the system and once approved by Manager can be sent straight to your payroll provider. Can we integrate our payroll system? Yes! Check out our integrations here.
  • Sage
  • Moorepay
  • Xero
  • ADP
  • Brightpay
  • Roslyns
  • Quantum
Is Bizimply a time tracking app, timesheet app or time and attendance app All of the above!
  • Record employee hours – see when they start and end shifts.
  • That information is accurate and automatically goes  timesheets for approval.

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