7 Valuable Skills for Shift Based Workers

Shift based businesses listen up! As you prepare your resume for your next retail role, you don’t want to miss including these valuable skills on your resume.
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Shift based workers undertake many tasks in their role and carry out many skills while doing so; from talking to customers, stacking shelves, ordering products, or upselling products. Some of these skills may be natural and more intense skills will be required to be taught on the job. Let’s delve into some of the valuable skills for shift based workers and see if you can up-skill in those areas.

  1. Communication 

It’s pretty obvious by now that communication skills are key in any job. You need to be able to communicate with your colleagues, customers and your organisation’s suppliers. As a shift based worker; you will be speaking to team members when assigning roles, getting updates on what jobs need to be carried out: does a certain area need extra cover or stock checks completed? Managers should always communicate to team members of upcoming events or sales happening within the store. Eliciting clear communication in your role will allow you to thrive as a manager, employees will be assured of their roles and responsibilities and it will also allow them to feel comfortable in coming to talk to you when there is an open line of communication present. All forms of communication should be shared amongst all employees so connections and updates can be made, outlining if there are certain areas discussed within each communication platform. 

  1. Technological skills

With the advancement of technology soaring as a result of COVID-19 as well as the realisation that technology can help to streamline and improve business performance, it is a skill that employers will be looking for on a resume. Organisations are now implementing scheduling software, payroll and HR  can sometimes be complicated to understand in order to fully utilise it and use efficiently. Being proficient in these digital tools will eliminate or decrease the onboarding and training process. If you are currently clocking in/out of work via a scheduling app or using an advanced POS system, record this on your resume, these digital skills will be carried and will let your potential employer see how they can utilise your technological skills in the workplace.

  1. Good customer service

Friendliness is a given in any customer facing role. As an industry, the goal of shift based workers is aimed at making a customers’ life better with the product or service they are buying. As a shift based employee, your goal is to communicate with the customer to find out what they need and why in order to provide them with the best product or solution that fulfils their needs and creates customer loyalty. 

  1. Industry Knowledge

Your awareness of the shift based industry will definitely catch the eye of your employer, for example; customers set out to your store or in need of a product or service and they want to be educated on the best one for them. Basic knowledge will no longer cut it as the majority of your customers will be comparing with other competitors too, so your role is to be an expert and provide information that your customers won’t already know. 

How can you do this?

As a manager; host daily meetings providing your employees with product information, all staff attend trade shows and events, read up on industry related trends and articles which specialise in the type of shift based environment you work in; clothes, manufacturing, groceries. Try to develop your product and service knowledge as much as possible and you’ll be an expert!

  1. Stress Management

When it comes to busier periods, for example for retail workers they will have huge sale days, shift based workers need to be able to control your stress. There will be eager shoppers everywhere as well as messy piles of clothing (that you probably just folded) and never ending queues at the till. If you can handle and manage this pressure, that is a skill that you can carry throughout your career. Stressful situations are always recurring and something you are going to deal with in any workplace; you will be a great asset to any team if you can overcome them. 

  1. Multitasking and prioritising

Shift based workers have many responsibilities, dealing with customers, stocking shelves, tidying up aisles, stock checks, and back end jobs. These can be difficult to juggle, especially if you have a smaller team. If you can elicit and combine these skills they can work perfectly in your favour and everything will run smoothly. Often it will be the case that several customers will require your assistance all at the one time, so prioritising and fulfilling your jobs effectively is a skill that will be appreciated and acknowledged.

  1. Resilience 

Customers are not always going to be sweet and dandy. As a shift based worker you will definitely come across a difficult one in your day! Embracing this skill will allow you to deal with a difficult customer in a professional manner and continue on with your job. Resilience also is essential when slower, quieter periods come around, it can be difficult to stay motivated when this happens. 

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