6 Tips To Help Reduce Stress In The Workplace

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stress at work

When we experience stress, our bodies switch to the so-called ‘fight or flight’ mode. This prepares the body for immediate physical action but reduces our ability to think straight. In the workplace, this can result in decreased productivity and lower employee engagement.

As high pressure scenarios at work are too common, we have gathered top strategies to help reduce stress. Essentially, it is an issue to be addressed by both employers and staff alike.

Tips to help reduce stress in the workplace

As an employer you can:

  • Provide or subsidise gym memberships to staff
    See how Just Salad are focused on keeping customers and staff healthy as published in this article on QSR Magazine.


  • Encourage lunchtime exercise
    Your staff don’t have to “hit the gym” every day but even a light walk at lunchtime can improve moods and ability to handle stress – check out  this article on realbuzz for more info.


  • Make healthy snacks available to your staff

          Find out about the benefits of providing healthy food for your staff
As an employee you can:

  • Take ownership of your health

           It is very important to get regular health checks. Here is a list of reasons on LiveFit as to why it is something every employee should be doing.

  • If work requires you to be seated, aim to stand more often. If you stand all day try to get opportunities to sit.
    Here are some tips by HealthyCentral to help deal with sore feet from standing all day at work


  • Remember to kick back outside of work and enjoy your personal life
    Having a social life when working in hospitality and retail can be difficult. Here are some suggestions by LifeHacker to help you balance your social life with your job


Another cause of stress for employees and managers alike is the weekly work schedule. It can be a nightmare for managers to ensure they are adequately staffed while last minute changes for employees can cause stress. Aim to schedule shifts in a constant manner and attempt to avoid last-minute schedule changes. At Bizimply we provide easy scheduling to keep track of your staff and therefore reduce stress levels.
Tackle stress in the workplace with the above strategies and take control of your business and shift management by using Bizimply.

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Bizimply’s mission is to simplify your business. With our staff scheduling software, we are looking to create a more effective way to work – for you and for your dedicated staff. Start optimising your shift management today and start your free Bizimply trial

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