Do I Need A Rostering Software App?

Employee rostering software automates the scheduling process, allowing managers to spend less time creating and managing rosters.
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Making the switch from manual to automatic rostering saves you time and money while increasing employee engagement and productivity. Employee rostering software automates the scheduling process, allowing managers to spend less time creating and managing rosters.

What other benefits are there with a rostering software app?

Reduce your labour costs

Automating your rostering can help save on your labour costs. Efficiently using the software avoids scheduling too many staff for a shift and with pop up compliance warnings you won’t schedule staff for hours over their contracted time. This will help keep payroll costs under control and happier staff who won’t be expected to work over their assigned hours. 

Bizimply Schedule
Bizimply Schedule

Fill shifts and avoid staff burnout

There are always employees that are keen to help you out when stuck, but don’t be over reliant on them as it leads to burnout and eventually, an unhappy member of staff! With a rostering software you can easily find the right staff to cover a shift if something unexpected happens, for example; a member of staff takes sick.  Automating this process takes the pressure off the manager, gives staff an opportunity to take on an extra shift if they’re free and ensures cover so you’re not stuck.

Reduce absenteeism and late staff

Having a good balance between your work and social life is key to a happy one! Giving your employees the ability to submit their availability is one thing, but being able to do it through an app and having all the records right in front of you when you go to create the schedule is another. It’s extremely convenient, it means nobody gets accidentally scheduled for a shift they’re not fit to work and it means no manual changes have to be made once the schedule has been published. 

Rostering software takes care of this issue, with Bizimply, when an employee submits their unavailability or requests time off, the approved time off shows up on the roster so they cannot be scheduled.

It has been known that one of the most acclaimed employee complaints is about having to work outside their availability. It leads to low morale and reduced productivity in the workplace.

When your employees can enter their availability into the rostering software app (MyZimply with Bizimply), managers cannot schedule the employee, unless agreed by communication. But, if you satisfy the needs of your staff, it results in less absenteeism. 

Improve staff engagement and morale

Staff will be more productive if you have the right amount of staff working at the right time. This way, workload is spread out amongst your employees and no one feels under too much pressure on their shift. It also allows for jobs to be divided in a fair manner and staff can take the correct breaks during shifts.

Of course, employees are happier, more productive, and more likely to comply with company rules because they have control and can easily track their schedules and attendance.

Enhance customer service experiences 

Rostering software improves customer service quality, particularly in the hospitality, retail and healthcare sectors. Understaffing won’t be an issue as the software enables you to fill and cover shifts in emergencies.

This means that customer experiences won’t be affected, employees can meet the demands and managers aren’t stuck in the back office performing admin tasks that can take a lifetime when being done manually. The automation of these tasks will allow managers to be on the floor with their team, assisting where they can. 

Demand planning

With access to deeper data, your managers can start to analyse which shifts are performing well and the shifts that may need improvement. These improvements could be; more staff, better training within the team or even more team engagement or understanding of their roles.

With this real-time data, they can ensure every shift has the right person with ample experience to deal with any problems. Appropriate cover of a shift is important to maintain brand standards.  You may make informed judgments based on current data and avoid unnecessary overtime, ensuring that you have your costs under control. 

rostering software forecast

Forecast accurately

The expected demands of a shift often dictate the roster. Rostering software collates the existing data to help managers make informed decisions on who to schedule.

Weekly schedules should not take hours to create, and a big plus with Bizimply is that you can copy a schedule from the previous week if you don’t need to make any changes! 

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At Bizimply, we are experts in scheduling. Our winning rostering software is trusted by some of the top brands from Costa, KFC, NICCE, to Diageo.

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