Mobile Workforce Management: MyZimply Employee App

Discover the ultimate mobile workforce management solution with Bizimply's MyZimply app, allowing employees to access their schedules from their phone!
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MyZimply Employee App

Is your business looking for a reliable mobile workforce management solution? Look no further than Myzimply, Bizimply’s official employee app! Let staff see their schedules on the go and ensure transparency!

Setting Up The Employee Portal.

When creating an employee on Bizimply, when you enter an email address and save the profile, the employee will be automatically emailed an invitation to create a password for the Employee Portal. Employees can then go to Bizimply and log in as an employee and see their schedule online.

The employee portal would appear as such:

Employee Portal

Setting Up MyZimply

Employees must go to the appstore and download our MyZimply App. When logging in for the first time, employees will be asked for an email address and password. The email and password used for the employee portal in the step above are the login details for MyZimply.


  • User generated content/information – Employees are able to edit and change their HR information, such as phone number, address and picture. This information is then pushed up to Bizimply and admiins/managers will see the new information in the employees’ HR Profile.
  • On the go, anywhere – Employees now have the app and their schedule on their phone, wherever they go. Instead of constant calls to managers, Facebook and Whatsapp groups – employees have easy access to their schedule for the week, and can check for updates or changes at any time.

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