Lara’s Restaurant Recommendations in London

Planning your next trip? See below Lara's favourite restaurants in London. (Watch out, you may get hungry from reading this blog)
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Lara from our Customer Success team has recently taken the plunge and moved to London! So what do you do when you move to a new city? Explore, eat, explore some more and eat a lot more! Check out her recommendations for restaurants in London.

We asked Lara to tell us her favourite spots in the city to go and eat and these places just sound amazing!

First up was; Smoking Goat: Shoreditch.

Lara describes it as a cool, laid-back restaurant with quirky dishes & drinks inspired by Bangkok’s late-night canteens.

The 100-cover space entails an open kitchen and a bar, and diners can either sit at the counter or on large canteen-style tables to enjoy the Thai barbecue, small plates and seafood on offer.

Their menu encompasses foods like; steamed oysters with roasted chilli and fried shallots, while the barbecue offering is cooked in huge charcoal and wood-burning pots.

Flavoursome dishes such as Northern Thai style lamb laab, grilled beef with lemongrass and chilli salad, and smoked five spice chicken, and they have a range of meat free options.

However, there is only one dessert on the menu: coconut ice cream, plantain, lime and condensed milk. All dishes are made with super-fresh ingredients, which are supplied locally. 

restaurants in london
Hot and Sour Salad of Sea Beet, Asparagus and Turnip
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Jolene: Dalston

A French venture from the guys behind Primeur and Westerns Laundry.

Lara tells us how it encompasses both a bakery and restaurant, the first of their eateries to offer all-day dining and a spot where anyone can drop in for a coffee and leave with a fresh loaf of bread and bag of pastries.

Jolene sources their grains from Gascony, they also have an on-site mill to make all their bread, pasta and pastries from scratch every day.

Jolene is always sourcing the most sustainable solution using regenerative produce from France where farmer Andy Cato has found a way of growing chemical-free crops sustainably instead of the soil being turned over so often it is stripped of all nutrients.

As well as being better for the planet and your health, what arrives on your plate isn’t the standard gluten-rich feeling we associate with bread or pasta, but nutritionally rich alternatives encompassing a variety of flavours. 

restaurants in london
Pain Au Chocolat

LARDO: Hackney

LARDO opened in 2012 and the owners describe that their “goal wasn’t complicated: authentic food, cooked simply, and eaten well”.

One of the key principles Lardo wanted to elicit was a sense of place, where they subtly placed themselves into the neighbourhood.

They want customers to feel a sense of ownership and place, that LARDO is a spot where they can comfortably come to and relax, whilst feeling at home and Lara was able to feel that vibe straight away!

A lot of passion has gone into building this culture and you can tell. LARDO has evolved into an established contemporary Italian restaurant in East London.

Like many others in the industry, they are actively looking at ways to reduce waste and increase sustainability by; eliminating plastic, recycling, increasing their meat-free options on the menu, as well as making everything in-house, including our fresh pasta, pizza dough and gelato.

What they can’t make in-house, they source locally from producers to support and encourage others within the neighbourhood and the industry to do the same.

restaurants in london
Coppa, red onion, honey, tallegio, thyme

Morito: Hackney

Moro and Morito chef proprietors, Sam & Sam Clark, opened their third restaurant, located at 195 Hackney Road in 2016.

Morito Hackney Road draws influences from Southern Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean including the island of Crete, where Head Chef Marianna Leivaditaki grew up and worked in her family’s fish restaurant.

Morito works hard on sourcing exceptional produce, some of which is not yet available in London.

They take an interesting approach to their menu as Mondays are all-vegan, with rhubarb and pistachio tabbouleh; deep-fried okra with pomegranate molasses and artichoke & pepper rice with spinach and chickpeas on the menu.

And later in the week, that’s padded out with dishes like arak-cured trout; guinea fowl croquetas and slow-cooked pork shoulder with quince aioli – and their famous chocolate and olive oil mousse to cap it off.

Morito definitely has a little something for everyone, exceptional tapas and a feast of fresh ingredients with tantalising textures. Lara says it is a must try! 

restaurants in london
Patatas Bravas and Garlic Bread

Hungry now? I certainly was writing this! Fabulous recommendations from Lara I and other colleagues at Bizimply will certainly be heading to these restaurants on our next trip to London.

Share your favourite restaurants in London with us!

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