Boost Profits and Productivity With Scheduling Software

Profits and Productivity; two buzz words that capture the minds of a business owner. So, why are they so important?
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Profits and Productivity; two buzz words that capture the minds of a business owner. Really, any senior role within a business should be focusing on driving profits and productivity. So, why are they so important?

Number one: Profits are the company’s revenue minus any expenses. Profits are the decider as to whether the business can survive and thrive, as well as being the reason if a business can grow or not. 

Secondly, a good level of Productivity is required in order to drive Profits. Productivity is key to business success. As productivity increases, it allows the organisation to turn resources into revenues, paying stakeholders and retain cash flows for future growth and expansion. 

What has Scheduling Software got to do with it?

For frontline Managers, Supervisors, Directors etc, time is truly of the essence. They don’t want to be spending hours doing admin tasks; manually creating schedules for their staff, payroll, HR all whilst trying to lead a team and get other duties done.

They need software that is convenient, automated and puts them back into the jobs they love doing. 

Without the right tools, the business performance can be affected and can prevent business growth. Taking the time to research and invest into a workforce management software that can automate all your operations will allow business performance to soar.

A workforce management software like Bizimply can increase your profits and productivity from day one to make every shift run like clockwork!


Increase productivity Staff scheduling software, like Bizimply, is a completely cloud-based solution. It is simple to install and the solution can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

It can provide access to trustworthy and up to date data that promotes faster, better decisions on the ground and gives more power to management level. 

Having the right scheduling software for your business will not only drive profits and productivity, but you will see happier and more engaged employees as well as enhancing customer experiences too.

Let’s explore a few ways employee scheduling software will improve your team’s productivity:

Eliminate conflicting shifts

With scheduling software you can have your staff in the right place at the right time. Most shifts require a bit of prep work, which usually only takes one or two people. If you adjust your shifts to start in 15 or 30-minute increments, then your staff will arrive as you need them.

You’ll be surprised by how much you can save on labour costs, those 15-30 minutes for each employee add up over the week.

Also, spacing out attendance for staff when it hasn’t got busy yet will prevent your staff from boredom, and what does boredom eventually lead to? Less productivity. 

Published schedules go straight to the employee

Once you have easily created the team schedules, you can publish it and a copy will be sent to every employee who has been assigned a shift.

If adjustments need to be made, you don’t need to worry about confusing any staff members, just select those affected with the adjustments to receive the schedule again with the updated changes. 

Usually, creating schedules could take endless amounts of hours or even days for bigger teams, but with an automated scheduling software, this can be cut down to minutes – we can prove it! 

With our availability feature, this allows staff to submit their recurring unavailability and prevents them from being scheduled for that shift. An excellent time saver!

End unscheduled absences

Paying absent team members makes no business sense. Functional employee scheduling software will allow you to keep track of who showed up for their shift. 

Don’t pay for time not worked

Often staff turn up late, sometimes it may not be their fault; however, paying employees for work they did not perform is not a good way to operate. It only encourages staff to not care about showing up for their shift on time.

Employee scheduling software monitors when employees arrive late, motivating them to be on time. 

Bizimply’s timestation app gives each employee a unique pin to clock in and out with, it also captures a quick snapshot of the employee as they clock in and out so no buddy punching can be carried out! 

Employee scheduling software often comes with other convenient tools. You can keep track of on-boarding and training efforts, scheduled vacation time and payroll management.

One of the most significant benefits is that the software is accessible on the go, giving you the flexibility to focus on other workload matters.

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Increase Profits 

Scheduling software helps to control how much is spent on labour, thereby having the potential to cut down on unnecessary labour costs.

The software also ensures that you always have enough staff on hand to serve all of your customers in a timely manner, thus maximising sales and bettering your overall reputation which we know in this day and age of social media can evidently make or break your brand.

Put together, reducing costs and increasing revenue will result in higher profits.

Are labour patterns reflecting sales? 

When your sales increase, your labour cost may increase. 

But when sales decrease, do your labour costs decrease? 

In order to achieve a reduction in costs, you have to schedule accordingly and forecast periods of low sales as well as high sales. This is where software like Bizimply is invaluable, as it allows you to capture and view sales data, so you can anticipate lull periods and adjust the staff schedule when necessary. 


Before launching head first into another busy week, it is important to reflect on what happened in the previous week. 

Try comparing scheduled labour costs against actual labour costs at the end of every week. You will quickly see if changes are needed 

Measure schedule effectiveness to drive improvements

You have the ability to review previous schedules, measure how effective they were and use this information to enhance the next schedule you create.

You can also pinpoint areas where you overspent by examining available budgets versus actual report data. With the scheduled SPLH and Gross Labour costs features, it gives you even deeper insight into these costs as you build your schedule.

Scheduling software can help you remain compliant

By storing and accessing your business data all in one centralised system it will help you stay compliant with employment laws.

We have explored a few of the points already, but let’s look at them from a compliance perspective.

A timestation app keeps accurate tracking of staff time and attendance data. It enables you to make real-time calculations for their wages, and you can manage how much you should spend on payroll based on regular work time, overtime work and any other pay rates you may have in your business.

You can calculate shift differences and other issues that might affect the pay. 

With the ability to download reports, this is where you can begin to make smarter business decisions. Get reports on, labour costs / sales, Timecards analysis, Attendance questionnaire*

(*These are specific to Bizimply Workforce Management Software.)

Workforce management software eliminates the need to spend excessive time on administrative tasks and lets you focus on growing your team and personal performance. 

Data insights from these reports generated will assist you in streamlining your team’s overall operational process, increasing productivity, and generating more profits. 

Bizimply’s scheduling and rostering software ensures you have the right employees, in the right place at the right time, all at an optimal cost.

Soon after implementation, you’ll already reduce the time taken to create your schedule, taking into consideration your team’s preferences – maintaining workforce compliance. 

Read about it for yourselves from our customer; Chew On This

As well as a boost in profits and productivity, workforce management software will give you a deeper understanding of your business using analytics. 

One significant challenge in organisations today is to attract and retain staff. A well-developed data analytics platform will provide you with compelling insights. 

More than ever before, your team needs accurate insights into all operations so they can be agile, cost-efficient, and create points of difference in an ever competitive industry.

Staffing, rostering and professional development are all tremendously improved with the correct use of data analytics. 

A few benefits of effective data analytics include: 

  • Gain insights about scheduling patterns – who is under-utilised, over-utilised, and how is it impacting labour costs?
  • Increase vacant shift visibility due to leave and establish how many shifts you need in a specific period.
  • Increase your visibility of staff wellbeing – when people are overworked, job satisfaction levels drop, and workers become less productive in their role. This leads to staff leaving, you can prevent this!
  • Stay up to date on compliance issues, checks, and certifications. Some laws can change on a yearly basis.
  • Gather insights from payroll, finance, HR and Ops – full visibility means you can identify weaker business areas and begin to make improvements,
  • Resolve problems and develop solutions that benefit both your customers and your employees. 

As your team becomes more agile and sophisticated, the more you can improve customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to higher staff productivity.

Your team members can learn to utilise the data in their workplace and decision-making processes, which will leave them feeling happier and empowered in their role.

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