The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Management Apps

Yelp Reservations

Yelp Reservations is a Restaurant Reservation Service that has access to over 85 million unique mobile users each month. Not too many Apps can boast that statistic. Their features include:

  • Table management: this allows restaurants keep track of their entire floor at a glance and assign servers to each table.
  • Guestbook: This allows restaurants to know customer preferences and special occasions. Restaurants can use guests details for future marketing campaigns too.
  • Waitlist: Allows you to send customizable SMS messages to your customers when their table is ready.

What we like about Yelp Reservations: 

Being able to take reservations from your website and Yelp page is a superb feature. It means that you can be taking reservations and making money while you are asleep! The system also automatically confirms and reminds guests, so you don’t have to.


Reviews can make or break your business so it’s always good to be on top of them. Logging into multiple websites to monitor and reply to reviews is a pain, but this is a thing of the past thanks to ReviewTrackers.

What we like about ReviewTrackers: 

Not only does this software track what reviews are being put online, you can actively request reviews from your customers.


is one of the world’s best restaurant POS systems. These guys run on Ipad and allow you to turn tables faster than you could imagine. They also have some super restaurant-specific features that will make restaurant management a simple process. These include:

  • Ability to take orders tableside via Ipad app
  • Revel Mobile POS system allows you to process sales from anywhere on the floor
  • Their self-service kiosk allows customers to pay from their table
  • Create your own restaurant app via Revel’s White Label Mobile App – Perfect for ordering, deliveries & loyalty programs
  • Robust reporting and inventory management features (you can select specific raw ingredients)


What we like about Revel:

Revel’s “Always On Mode” means you can keep your POS running smoothly during if your power goes or there is a slow Internet connection. This ensures everything keeps running efficiently. There are also some super integrations with e-commerce stores, QuickBooks, and a number of different payment processors.

Epos Now

Epos Now differs from Revel as their App runs on both Android & iPad devices. This POS system is an all-in-one restaurant management solution with endless amounts of features, such as:

  • Online booking system for customers
  • Access real-time product, sales and employee performance reports, from anywhere on any device.
  • Set different authorisation levels for staff to control discount levels, refunds, or void sales.
  • Set up your own custom promotions and track them easily.
  • Accept all credit & debit cards, with their extensive global merchant partners. Connect more by using their API-enabled platform.


What we like about Epos Now: 

They have one really unique feature that we love. Restaurants can customise their own receipts with images and/or special offers, track historic transactions and email receipts for returning customers. This feature encourages customer loyalty, something that all restaurants are striving towards.


This App really does lighten the workload of restaurant managers and owners. This App allows customers to open up tabs via the TabbedOut App. From the App customers can:

  • Add orders
  • View the running total
  • Split the bill between them
  • Make the payment.


What we like about TabbedOut: 

Restaurants can use this information to see who are their loyal customers and their spending habits and send discounts and promotions to customers directly in the App.


Bizimply can help you reduce your restaurant’s labour costs, slash and improve daily communication with your teams in multiple locations. Here are just a few of our many features:

  • Employee Time & Attendance App – Employees clock in and out via the Bizimply Ipad app. This means you can prepare time-cards in minutes instead of hours
  • Online Scheduling – Create and fully cost employee rotas in minutes. Send these rotas directly to your employees via the MyZimply app
  • Employee HR Management & Document Storage – All your employee’s information from multiple locations stored in one place.


All of the features above are on one, easy-to-use platform. To see how Bizimply can benefit your business and help you free up time and save and maintain costs, book your free demo today!

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