How to decide on a restaurant concept

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What is going to be your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Remember, niche concepts work best in bigger markets. Avoid gimmicks and theme restaurants. Analysts say that most people often only visit theme restaurants once and don’t come back. They have a kind of “been there done that” attitude to these establishments.

See what’s hot in other markets for inspiration. Be first to market. Explore these two great resources for a little bit of inspiration:


Springwise Discovering Innovation since 2002

Springwise and its network of spotters scan the globe for smart new business ideas.


Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurant News and Information QSR magazine

One’s To Watch is a monthly review of some of the hottest restaurant trends from US-based Quick Service Magazine.


Take a look at what the big chain restaurants do, particularly because they spend a fortune on expensive market research and then implement it. If you are just at the idea stage, why not take a grand tour. This is the fun part.

If you are thinking about opening up a BBQ Restaurant, take a trip to the southern states of America. Rent a car and drive around, see the best and get ideas, collect sample menus and memorabilia and take lots of photos. Maybe even twin your new restaurant with one that you meet on your travels.

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