July Bizimply Product Round-Up

Catch up on the latest product releases from Bizimply - what's new in your account that you can utilise for optimal performance.
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july bizimply product release

Schedule Graph: Labour Hours 📊

Last month Bizimply was delighted to announce our updated schedule graphs. You may have noticed our Scheduled Hours tab in  Scheduling has been renamed Labour Hours. The labour hours table still remains but it is here you will also find the brand new Labour Hours graph! This graph allows you to: 

  • Compare scheduled hours vs forecasted hours easily 📊
  • Get a better overview when coordinating resources 👥
  • See daily views of scheduled hours breakdown via positions 📆

Please note: Forecast Settings must be split on a per schedule basis to include Forecasted Hours in graph.

Read all about it in our Help Article.

New Employee Profile Alert 👤

Lastly we introduced the New Employee Profile Alert  feature. Now you can get notified every time a new employee profile is added to your Bizimply account so you can always stay in the loop. Account Admins can set this up easily in Personal Settings for specific users to receive an email alert each time a new employee profile is created. 

Please note: Email alerts are not sent when employees are added with bulk import.

Get excited about… 

Under 18 Break Rules 🔞

Under 18 Break Rules are coming soon! Get excited because we will be  giving you more flexibility to create custom break rules for your employees based on their age, schedule, payroll department and more. 

Want to know more about some of these features? Just get in touch with your Account Manager!

Or if you don’t have a Bizimply account yet, why not get a demo or personalised audit of your business, book in below!

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