March monthly roundup – Feature Releases!

From new features enhancing your Schedule Creation to analysing employee engagement with the system, we've been working hard behind the scenes and creating new ways to enhance your experience with Bizimply!
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See visibility on your scheduled labour throughout the day with the new ‘Schedule Graphs: Labour Volume’

Available to all customers, the Labour Volume tab on the schedule will make it easier than ever to ensure that you have enough labour scheduled at the correct times to meet demand. Further to this, you can see the breakdown by position so you can ensure that you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Expand Schedule View
Businesses with large numbers of employees on one schedule have asked for more visibility. We have delivered that visibility with the click of a button. Switch between expanded schedule view and regular schedule view to see more or less numbers of employees on your schedule screen. It makes scheduling easier than ever.

Time-off report: Accruals turned off
Customers who do not use our Time Off Accruals app will find that the Time Off Report is now tailored to showing you the information that you need to see, simplifying the report and making it more user friendly.

New address line added
Customers who use third party payroll systems required an extra address line to facilitate the importing of employees from Bizimply to the payroll system. We are delighted that this small enhancement will improve usability for those customers. 

New address line

IBAN validation amended for customers using Revolut
Employees moving away from traditional bank accounts? We have amended the validation on the IBAN field within the Bank Details tab so you can store shorter IBANS for finance institutions such as Revolut.

IBAN validation

New schedule creation: Update to defaults
Customers who create a new schedule in ‘Schedule Settings’ will be happy to find that this new schedule no longer defaults to ‘On’ for all locations. You now have the option to turn on for all locations or not – your choice. 

New filters added to ‘All Employees’ page
Being able to see when your employees have last logged into their Bizimply Employee Portal will help you to see who is engaging with the system to book time off, view their schedule and update personal details. A new filter on the employee page will show you when an employee has last logged in.

Last login from employees

Long attendance record highlight

Employees forgotten to clock out? Now when you click on the red long clock-in button on the dashboard, you will be brought to the Attendance tab where the long clock-in record will be highlighted, making it easier for you to make amendments to the record. 

Long attendance highlight


Did you know how easy it is to update employee Pay Rates in Bizimply?

You can bulk update fields in your employees’ profiles, saving you a huge amount of time!

Click here for a step by step guide.

We’ve got another busy month ahead – we can’t wait to share more of our exciting upcoming features in April!

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