New Study Puts Spotlight on Labour Law Violations in the UK

Recent studies in the UK show that many companies in the hospitality and retail industries are violating labour laws by not providing their employees with their legal workplace entitlements.
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Did you know:

  • One in 10 workers in the UK do not get a payslip.
  • Many workers over the age of 65 do not get their legal entitlement to 28 days a year, or pro-rota for part-timers.
  • Workers aged 25 and under are twice as likely to be underpaid the minimum wage than any other age group.

These are among the findings of a recent study by the Resolution Foundation think tank that was widely reported in the media. And another finding: workers in hotels and restaurants miss out more than others on legal workplace entitlements.

This is not just an academic study, so you need to take note: it is likely to prompt action by the HM Revenue & Customs and the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Agency and encourage individuals to seek redress through the Employment Tribunal (ET) system.

There is now a proposal to bring all of the government’s enforcement agencies together in a single body with more powers. So watch out!

At Bizimply we know that it is especially challenging for owners and managers of small and independent hotels, restaurants and retail outlets to stay on top of things: they do not have dedicated (or only have limited) HR resources.

In many cases when such companies break the labour laws it is therefore entirely without any intention to do so: they simply lack the necessary oversight.

Unfortunately, the authorities are unlikely to accept this as an explanation: with very few exceptions, ignorance of the law is not an excuse and as we have recently reported, companies are expected to keep comprehensive and accurate records.

Companies tend to invest in a workforce operations platform such as Bizimply to achieve greater efficiency and better transparency for managers and employees. But it also supports better compliance with labour law – which could one day save you from a spot of bother with the authorities.

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