Stay compliant with labour laws.

Avoid the investigations and fines that result from being in breach.

Labour Law Compliance

Bizimply helps you stay compliant to the strict labour laws set out by the HMRC in the UK and the WRC in Ireland. These laws are in place to ensure the proper treatment of employees by employers.


Record Employee Punch times with the Timestation

Ensure employees get paid accurately for hours worked, not just scheduled.

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Record Employee Break times with the Timestation

Ensure your team are taking the correct amount of breaks according to the hours they have worked.

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Record keeping with Frontline HR

Bizimply helps with the statutory employment record keeping that employers are required to keep to demonstrate that employees are receiving their proper entitlements.


Store Employee Information

With Bizimply, you can easily store records for each employee for the required 3 years.

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Holiday Accruals with frontline hr

Bizimply can make sure your team are getting the correct holidays with our holidays accrual feature.

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Keeping track of things like hours worked and payroll can be the difference between satisfied employees and warning letters, inspections and possible prosecution.


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