Compliance with government regulations governing labour laws and data protection can seem a complex task, and hence, a burden. To ensure you are not left in a difficult position, you can use Bizimply to avoid the investigations and fines that result from being in breach.

Labour Law Compliance

Accurate Attendance

  • Ensure employees are paid accurately for hours worked, not just hours scheduled
  • Automatically award overtime rates to employees that are entitled to it


  • Run a compliance check on your schedule to ensure you haven’t breached any maximum hour rules

Break Tracking

  • Use Timestation to track breaks taken
  • Run reports across multiple locations to ensure employees are taking they breaks they are entitled to

Statutory Employment Record Keeping

Bizimply helps with the statutory employment record keeping that employers are required to keep to demonstrate that employees are receiving their proper entitlements. With Bizimply, you can easily store records for each employee for the required 3 years.

Holiday Entitlements

Bizimply can make sure your team are getting the correct holidays they are owed. You can use Bizmply to record hours worked, time off taken and holiday hours accrued.

GDPR Requirements

Bizimply helps you comply with the following GDPR Requirements:

Data Minimisation

Right of Access

Right to Rectification

Right to be Forgotten

Data Retention

Data Storage & Security

Download Labour Law Compliance Books for the UK & Ireland

Keeping track of things like hours worked and payroll can be the difference between satisfied employees and warning letters, inspections and possible prosecution.

Don’t let all the hard work that goes into running a business go to waste by incurring a large fine that could easily have been avoided. Don’t leave yourself subject to investigation and keep your business profitable.