January Monthly Round-Up! Check out our latest product developments

Check out the range of amazing features we have released this month to see how you can use Bizimply to thrive as a business. As you know, here at Bizimply we are always improving our system to help you simplify business processes. Check out the latest updates below 👇
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december feature releases

E-Signature ✍

A great start to 2022 here at Bizimply as we were delighted to introduce our latest feature E- Signature. Through our integration with HelloSign, you can now request and receive digitally signed documents from your employees. Our integration with HelloSign ensures that these digital signatures are secure and legally binding. Now you can simply upload the document that needs to be signed and email it directly to your employee with just a few clicks, all from within your Bizimply account. Say goodbye to endless amounts of unnecessary paperwork and wasted time at the printer and say hello to e-signature 👋

Use our e-signature feature for: 

✍ – New starter paperwork such as job contracts and onboarding documents

✍ – Updated policy acknowledgement forms 

✍ – Training completion documents

To enquire about adding E-Signature to your account, click here!

Shift Log Review Tab 📝

This month, taking customer feedback on board, we made some updates to the Shift Log in relation to the Review tab which you may have noticed. Previously called the ‘Total’ tab, the Review tab now allows you to compare the difference between total sales for the day against last week, last year & your forecasted sales. In addition, users can review each shift’s synopsis (now including emojis!), view the breakdown of sales by both shift and by area as well as printing a PDF of the Review tab and much more!

Check it out below 👇

Cap Holiday Accruals ⌛

You asked, we listened! At Bizimply, we recently introduced the ability to set a cap on holiday accruals. This means that Account Admins can now set a cap (a limit) on holiday accruals for hourly tracked employees. By setting a cap on how much employees can accrue, this ensures your employees do not exceed the  holidays agreed in their contract and that all holiday balances are correct. Set a cap on holiday accruals for:

  • all hourly tracked employees 👥 
  • or individual employees 👤 

Schedule Public Holidays Bulk  📅

Last but not least, we recently added the ability to mark public holidays in bulk on the schedule in one go. This means that Account Admins can now apply Public Holidays across all locations on the schedule with just one click! In addition, a new permission was also added so that now you can control exactly which roles in your account can mark a public holiday on the schedule for a single location e.g. your managers.

Take a look 👇

See features there you don’t have? Upgrade your Bizimply account today, get in touch with one of our business advisors to see the features that best suit your business! Get in touch here!

Get excited about… 

MyZimply 3.4.4 📱

At Bizimply, we have been working hard on some very exciting updates to our MyZimply Employee mobile app that we know you are going to love! This update will include both new features and usability improvements such as employees managing their unavailability from their mobile, app lock for enhanced security and settings to control notifications. 

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