How to Develop a Clarity of Purpose For Your Business

Having Clarity and Purpose in your business will have you on the right path for success and make building your business much easier.
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Having Clarity and Purpose in your business will have you on the right path for success and make building your business much easier.

How can I achieve Clarity and Purpose?

To develop your clarity of purpose for your business, you need to do three things. 

First, define what success means to you and your business. 

Second, create a vivid mental image of your view of success in your business – this image should be as vivid as you can make it.  

Third, clarify your business values.

Having a clear and meaningful purpose is the bedrock to building a successful company.

When you own or run a business, you see yourself as responsible for encouraging the whole team to encapture the same vision and values. 

You want them to possess the same drive to achieve the business’s vision. 

In our report; The Six Tenets of Hospitality, we spoke to leading hospitality operators and found that the definition, emphasis, and method of communication change from leader to leader, company to company, to suit the context and culture in which the business operates. 

It goes beyond important or time-bound mission-focused tasks.

Every founder or CEO believed it to be their personal and business North Star. 

They undergo commitment that masters the potential to make a difference in the world.

Download the report here:

six tenets hospitality report

Those leaders articulate and communicate the company purpose in such a way that is relative to every employee and aligns with their values. 

They use methods that work for them and inspire team members to join in building and growing a unique business. 

Every business will have different methods, you just need to find the right one that suits yours.

Defining the clarity and purpose was not a one off event. It is a long term plan.

Staying true to the clarity of purpose and direction is an evolving process, maintained and owned at every level and each stage of the organisation’s growth journey.

Success Story of Clarity and Purpose

Zingerman’s unique approach. They do not only do it themselves; they teach it to other businesses.

They call it ‘Business Visioning’.

Founders, Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig had a simple vision.

On growing success, Zingerman’s founders started to explore the question:

“How can we continue growing and maturing in a way that ensures a positive impact on stakeholders and their special place?”

Adamant they didn’t want to follow the traditional route. They did not want growing a business from one unit to a global empire because they believed this would lead to limitations on creativity, uniqueness and values.

They ask themselves;

  • What is the vision of the world they wanted to create?
  • What mark do they want to leave in the world, and how do they want to be remembered?
  • What is needed to make this vision a reality?

Paul and Ari decided to write down and set a vision for 15 years in the future that included the foundations and framework required to build and make adjustments and improvements step by step.

There was no internal campaign and national rollout of a standard 5-year plan typical of most organisations.

They called this vision: Zingermans 2009 for a community of businesses that were interconnected and, at the same time, semi-autonomous businesses that would operate as an organisation. 

In 2009 they developed a 2020 vision, and in the middle of the pandemic, they released the 2032 vision. The Visions can be found here.

This process has helped them through hard times and allows them to stay connected to their purpose. 

The vision is their guide and compass to doing business and living in ways that are more in conscious harmony with their values.

Learn more from Ari Weinzweig, in the Hospitality Mavericks episode here:

ari weinzweig zingermans

Knowing and clearly communicating why you do what you do becomes increasingly vital when looking to scale a business. Alongside clarity and purpose, it becomes more meaningful and distinctive by taking an inside-out approach, guided by unwavering values.

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