March Bizimply Product Updates

Check out the range of amazing features we have released this month to see how you can use Bizimply to thrive as a business.
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MyZimply 3.4.7 📱

This month saw the release of the latest version of the MyZimply Employee App with some very exciting updates and is ready for your employees to update for free in the App Store & Google Play Store now. This update allows employees to set and manage their own unavailability via their mobile phone for a user-friendly experience. This also helps reduce the workload of managers as it cuts out wasted time on building schedules that need to be adapted due to an unavailable employee. Win win! This update includes the new App Lock feature which users to unlock the app using a custom pin, fingerprint or face recognition for that added layer of security and much more!

Click here to read all about it! 

MyZimply - GPS Clock In (Mobile)

Timecard Audit Log 📈

We were delighted to announce this month the brand new and highly requested Timecard Audit Log report. Available for Account Admins only, this report allows users to keep track of all changes made to the employees timecards. Never wonder who approved a timecard again with the Timecard Audit Log showing you:

  • what changes were made within the employee timecards ☑️ 
  • who made these changes 👤 
  • when these changes were made 🕓

Import Hours Forecast

With our customer feedback in mind, we released the new Forecast Hours Import in March! This update applies to users who have the Forecasts app installed as part of our Operations suite and means that Account Admins can now import their forecasted hours for multiple locations at once to Bizimply. This new feature allows you to plan ahead efficiently by quickly forecasting hours in one singular import. 

Check it out here!

Flow Integration App

Last but most definitely not least, this month saw the addition of the latest integration added to our Integration Management section – Flow app. Bizimply users  who also use Flow for training can now set up and manage their Bizimply & Flow integration easily themselves with this brand new app. Account Admins simply input their Flow log in details to establish the integration of transferring their employee data from Bizimply to Flow once a day.

Take a look below 👇

Get excited about… 👀

Manager App Update 📲

The Bizimply team has been super busy on some upcoming, exciting updates to the Bizimply Manager App. Keep your eyes peeled for App Lock to have access to your location’s data on the app seamlessly, usability improvements to make your job managing employees easier and more!

Speak to one of our business solutions advisors to get more insight into how theses features can help you! Book here now.

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