📣 MyZimply 3.4.7 is here! 📣

At Bizimply, we have been working hard on some very exciting updates to our MyZimply Employee mobile app.
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MyZimply Employee App

At Bizimply, we have been working hard on some very exciting updates to our MyZimply Employee mobile app that we know you are going to love! From new features to usability improvements,  we can’t wait for you to see. 

Unavailability ❌

Employees can now view and set their unavailability through the MyZimply Employee App! 

Please note: Unavailability is part of our  ‘Advanced Employee Records’ app which must be part of your package to utilise this feature.

This latest update gives your employees more flexibility as they can input their own Unavailability on the go. Having this more user-friendly experience for your employees makes your job as manager much simpler too! This cuts out wasted time on building schedules that need to be adapted due to a member of staff having an appointment or an exam. It completely eliminates you entering panic mode and texting your staff to see who is available to cover a shift.  With this feature, Bizimply are continuing to fulfil their mission to ensure every shift runs like clockwork.

MyZimply - GPS Clock In (Mobile)

App Lock  🔐

Unlock your MyZimply app using a pin, your fingerprint or face ID for that added layer of security! 

Security is important to us at Bizimply and that is why we have introduced an extra layer of it to our MyZimply app. Users can now unlock the app using a pin or by using biometrics; fingerprint or face recognition allowing for a more user friendly experience of the app.  Sick of having to re-enter passwords? So are we!

Settings 🔧

The final update is the introduction of a Settings tab within the MyZimply app! 

We know that getting too many notifications can be overwhelming which is why we have given you  the option of switching notifications on or off within the new Settings tab. Employees may or may not want to keep on receiving notifications about the weekly schedule – however the choice is totally up to them! 🙌🏼

Some more exciting updates to be found within the Settings tab including the ability for you to rate our app (we’d love to hear from you), the ‘About’ tab for all device related info and lastly this is where you will find the App Lock Security feature discussed above. 

MyZimply Employee App

The MyZimply Employee app version 3.4.7  is available to download for free on Android and iOS and is the best way for your employees to access Bizimply – The app allows them to check their schedule, update their personal profile, request time off and now set and view their own unavailability! 

Updating your MyZimply app to version 3.4.7 📲

  1. Open up the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device
  2. Search ‘MyZimply from Bizimply’ in the search bar
  3. Tap on the ‘Update’ button

Please note: Some Android users who currently have MyZimply app downloaded on their device may need to first delete the existing app and then install ‘MyZimply from Bizimply’ from the Google Play Store. If experiencing issues with missing tabs on the app, Android users must clear the cache of the MyZimply app to resolve it while iPhone users must either reinstall the app from the App Store or complete a force restart of the device.

Downloading the MyZimply app for the first time 📱

  1. Go to the App Store or Play Store on your mobile device
  2. Search for MyZimply from Bizimply and click the ‘Get’ or ‘Install’ button
  3. Use the same log-in credentials as you would for accessing Bizimply on your web browser i.e. email address and Bizimply password 

🌟 COMING SOON 🌟 to the Bizimply Manager App!

Lastly, the Bizimply team has been super busy updating the framework of the Bizimply Manager app in anticipation for some upcoming, exciting updates! 

Keep your eyes peeled for 👀:

  • App Lock: Unlock manager app with pin, fingerprint or face identification. The upcoming Biometric authentication will allow you to have access to your location’s data on the app quickly and seamlessly.
  • Location Search Bar: Find the location you are looking for quickly and easily with the new search bar
  • Updated Employees Profile: Usability improvements to make your job managing employees easier 
  • Settings: Rate our app effortlessly from within the app 

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