Bizimply 2022 Releases

What a year it's been! Bizimply 2022 Releases are here, check out some of our top releases this year.
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Bizimply 2022 Releases
To wrap up 2022, here’s a round up of Bizimply’s biggest features this year – all designed to help you deliver a world-class customer experience 🎉

E-Signature ✍

Through our integration with Dropbox Sign, you can request and receive digitally signed documents from your employees. Say goodbye to endless amount of unnecessary paperwork and wasted time at the printer and say hello to e-signature 👋

Benefits include:

  • Reduced paperwork,
  • Enhanced security,
  • Centralised Document Storage,
  • ability to Track your signatures and Legally Binding documents.

Use our e-signature feature for:

✍🏻 – New starter paperwork such as job contracts and onboarding contracts,

✍🏻 – Updated policy acknowledgement forms,

✍🏻 – Training completion documents.

Find out more information about how it works here!

Under 18 Break Rules 🔞

Unpaid break rules have been updated giving you more flexibility to customise break rules to your business’ needs! Apply these rules to your employees based on:

  • Age – perfect for under 18 workers!🔞
  • Schedule 📆
  • Payroll Department 🗂
  • Position and more!

Click here to find out more!

break rules

time and attendance

Customisable Time station Announcement 📣

This year we were delighted to release the Customisable Timestation Announcement feature. This feature allows Account Admins to schedule in customised announcements they want their employees to see as they clock into work on the Timestation allowing you to communicate it easily and efficiently with your employees. Choose from a selection of themes and schedule in your important customised announcements for your employees ahead of time. Available with the latest version of Timestation app on the Apple App Store – click to find out more!

Unavailability via MyZimply 📱

The MyZimply Employee App had some very exciting updates this year which allowed employees to set and manage their own unavailability via their mobile phone for a user-friendly experience. This update also includes the new App Lock feature which users to unlock the app using a custom pin, fingerprint or face recognition for that added layer of security and much more!

Click here to read all about it! 

bizimply 2022 releases -Unavailability
Unavailability via MyZimply

Attach Sick Note to Employee Sick Records 🤒

Our update to employee’s sick records this year means you can now attach files to your employees sickness time off records! This is a perfect way to store any of the following on Bizimply:

🤒 – Sick certs,

🤒 – Return to work forms,

🤒 – Fit/sick notes.

We have also added some new permissions so you can control who is able to add or delete these sick files.

Read all about it in our Help Article!

Schedule Reports to send Automatically 📩

Last but not least, our latest update of the year means you can now schedule reports to be sent to your email automatically on a recurring basis.

Choose from the following reports to be sent daily, weekly or on a particular day of the month 📆

  • Employee Timecards
  • Timecard Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Employee Export
  • Leaver Report
  • Starter Report

Schedule your reports now using the steps in our Help Article by clicking here!

See a feature you don’t have? Reach out to your Account Manager today and they’ll guide you!

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