5 Platforms for Hiring Quality Hourly Employees

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5 Platforms For Hiring Hourly Employees

Trying to hire in the hospitality and retail sector can be time-consuming, costly and stressful. These 5 platforms make posting a job, screening applicants and hiring the right employee a breeze. All 5 have unique features that make hiring easy. So let’s get started!



Created in 2000, Snagajob has been one of the top recruiting websites in the world for the past 16 years. Their goal is to connect workers with hourly paid jobs and employers with hourly paid workers.

This website focuses on retail, hospitality, customer service and restaurant industries across North America. Snagajob has nearly half a million postings from 15,000 companies all over the world.

Employer Benefits:
Snagajob has one of the biggest job seekers database in the world with over 65 million registered job seekers, this means employers will have the largest possible pick when it comes to future employees.

With the employee personal quiz and video’s employers will know much more about job seekers then what they would see in just a normal resume. They can find applicants that match their company culture rather than just the basic requirements.

Job Seeker Benefits:
By using Snagajob profile job seekers can apply for jobs with one simple click. They can also add a personality quiz to their profile, this means applicants will get matched with jobs that best fit them.

The targeted search features mean job seekers can see the jobs that best match them. Jobs can be targeted by location, keywords and other filters.



Jobbio gives job seekers a totally private platform to tell their story better. Using the simple platform, they can detail their education, experience, achievements, link their blogs, integrate their social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, upload images to display a portfolio and embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Employer Benefits:
This platform provide’s employers will a world of information on applications. They are able to see education, experience, achievements, blogs, social networks and also videos and images of applicants.

Jobbio is extremely active on social media with their new job opportunities. This means employers will gain access to a whole new audience of potential applicants.

Job Seeker Benefits:
This platform is fully private and completely free. With one simple click, job seekers can apply for numerous jobs in seconds.

Jobbio is active in the US, Uk and is the go-to place in Ireland for job seekers in the hourly paid wage bracket.



Harri is a hospitality network connecting with 180,000+ job seekers with employers in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Harri has an interesting method for job seekers scrolling through job opportunities, basically, Harri is Tinder for job seekers! You swipe right to save a job to your shortlist or swipe left to pass on certain jobs.

Employer Benefits:
When employers post a job on Harri, they spread the word across all their social media channels, job alert emails and open call announcements at no extra cost.

Create a digital profile for each of your establishments, including videos, images, open positions, and company background to showcase your work environment to attract talented individuals that connect with your brand.

Job Seeker Benefits:
Harri will serve up tailored job openings based on your profile. From the shortlists you have created, you can easily apply for these jobs.

Job seekers can create a media-rich profile with ease by using the camera roll on their phone. They can easily upload pictures and videos for employers, going beyond the outdated resume process. After all, when it comes to hospitality it is all about personality.

With Harri, each profile has a specific Harri URL. This means job seekers can share their profile with employers outside of Harri.



Jobble puts the power of recruiting and managing an on-demand workforce in the hands of companies and agencies.

Employer Benefits:
Employers get the operational efficiencies of a staff management platform. It is very easy to use and is free. Just upload an event description with the type of help you need. Employers get to set the hourly rates for each event.

Jobble have a professional and vetted on-demand workforce, with ratings and reviews by former employers. In just a few clicks you can handpick a workforce that best fits your needs, control costs, and manage operations.

Job Seeker Benefits:
It is simple for job seekers to find the best event openings in your area. Simply apply for these event jobs by creating an online profile. Applying is then as simple as one tap.

Event employees will also get paid seamlessly through the Jobble app avoiding nonpayment issues.


Higher MeHigherMe uses data and video to help Retail and Service employers find the best employees, faster. With a mixture of video and data-driven behavioral and psychological matching algorithms to make Higher Me different to other platforms on this list. Higher Me believe that location, availability, and personality can be more important than the jobs you have or haven’t held in the past.

Employer Benefits:
Hire the best-suited employees for your business. By using 30-second videos employers can get a feel for what the candidate’s personality, attitude, and interpersonal skills are like.

With data-driven behavioural algorithms, employers can ensure job applicants match their required skills and fit the company culture.

Instead of having to sift through a giant pile of résumés, the employer gets an email every time there’s a new application with a quick summary of the applicant, including a rating (out of 100 percent) that shows how good a fit they seem to be. The employer also gets a dashboard showing all applications, allowing them to reach out and schedule interviews.

HigherMe helps you focus on managing your business, not your labor turnover.

Job Seeker Benefits:

Higher Me lets job seekers inform employers what they are looking for. Things such as location and available hours are included in job seekers profiles on Higher Me. This means jobs only matching the application’s criteria will be made available. This saves time for both parties.

A “video cover letter,” is also created which will help job seekers do a better job of conveying their personality than a few written paragraphs.

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