5 Great Apps Your Employees Should Be Using

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5 Great Apps Your Employees Should Be Using

5 Great Apps Your Employees Should Be UsingEmployees are the heart of every organisation. Which is why it is so important to create a pleasant and hassle-free work environment in order to keep morale high and reduce turnover. With today’s new technologies, it is very easy to streamline your employees’ workload by making certain processes simpler. This will enable your people to focus on what’s important for the business and will almost certainly result in increased job satisfaction and high levels of employee morale.
To help you on this journey of business and employee enrichment, we have come up with a nice shortlist of apps which we think employees should be using to help with communications, scheduling, monitoring tasks and time tracking. These apps are useful for all employees – whether they are working on the shop floor, behind the bar, in the office or whatever the case may be! We hope you enjoy!

Hours Time Tracking

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Do you struggle to manage your time effectively? Have you ever been in a meeting and realised you’ve gone way over time and now you’re late for your next meeting? Don’t worry we’ve all been there! Hours Time Tracking has the exact solution to help you keep track of your time so you can avoid these stressful situations. Their app allows you to create a list of tasks which you can then simply click on to start the timer and click on again to stop it (very simple, right!).


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Asana is the perfect app to enable your employees to work as a team. It allows you to create tasks, monitor the progress of projects without having to schedule a meeting, share ideas and get updates on projects that are only relevant to you. As they say ‘from chaos to clarity’.


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Our MyZimply app allows your employees to receive instant schedule updates along with any important messages you might have for them so that there is never any confusion. Don’t worry if you make any mistakes! You can easily edit it if need be and they will receive an update on the changes made (simple is our middle name after all!). Employees can also edit their profile in order to keep all of their information up-to-date.


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GoToMeeting is an app where you can host, schedule or join meetings through your smartphone or iPad by downloading their app. This means that you don’t have to be in the office in order to join a meeting. But of course, you can access it on your laptop or computer too if you’re in the office – the choice is yours! You can also record the meeting and send it out to anyone who wasn’t able to attend.


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Slack is a fantastic platform for team communications. Within slack, you can create channels for various projects, teams or whatever you wish to use them for. You can also choose to make them private if you only want a select number of people to see that particular channel. You can share different types of files such as PDF, images, spreadsheets, and documents with your colleagues where they then have the option to comment on them. Another great app for communications is WhatsApp. It’s very similar to Slack in the sense that you can create groups and share files. The only major difference is that you can’t use WhatsApp on your computer (unless you have a Mac).

In today’s world, using apps is second nature – so why not use them to drive performance improvement in your business. If you are an employer we would recommend that you give these apps a go and encourage your employees to use them. We know from experience that they really help with communications and task performance while making our day-to-day processes much simpler – making for a happy and productive workforce.
If you are an employee then why not inform your employer of these great apps to help you in your day-to-day job.  Leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions of apps that you think employees should be using! We would love to hear from you.

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