5 Of The Best Customer Loyalty Apps For Your Business

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5 Of The Best Customer Loyalty Apps For Your Business

Customers like to be rewarded for their loyalty to your business. With these 5 apps, they not only reward your customers, they also provide your business with invaluable customer data and the ability to create customised marketing campaigns.

1. Spot On


SpotOn provides businesses with a tablet that is their central dashboard that tracks all customer check-ins, rewards and of course analytics. The SpotOn app is completely free for customers. If you have a less tech-savvy customer base fear not, you can also provide customers with a SpotOn loyalty card.

Customers can scan the card or app upon each purchase and avail of rewards and perks. The feature that stands out for us most is that when customers share their purchases or experiences on social media, they can earn extra rewards for becoming brand advocates for your business. With the tablet dashboard, you can create social, mobile and email marketing campaigns that can target specific customers.

2. Swipley

Swipely - 1060 Better Business Decision Making

Swipley is a slightly different loyalty app to SpotOn as it combines payment tools with loyalty rewards. Customers don’t download a physical app they simply sign up by text message, this allows them to earn cash back rewards when their credit/debit cards are used in store.

The major benefit of Swipely is that it can work with any POS system currently implemented by your business. Businesses can also customise marketing programs for each customer. What we like most about Swipely is that it is a very low-cost rewards app that really works.

3. LevelUp

LevelUp . White Label

LevelUp is much along the same lines as Swipely in the way it combines loyalty and payment. Customers simply download the LevelUp app via their smartphone or else order a LevelUp card. From here customers can sync their credit/debit card with LevelUp. Users can tap to pay or scan the QR code on their app, the benefit being there are no processing charges.

Like most other loyalty apps LevelUp offers rewards to loyal customers with customized incentives when they spend a certain amount in store e.g spend €40 to get €4 free credit. What differentiates LevelUp from its competitors is they offer one-time sales incentives to attract new customers and also give businesses rebates for every new customer. The part that we like the most is the fact employees are also rewarded for every new customer they sign up to the program.

4. BellyCard 


Bellycard is a rapidly growing loyalty program that provides businesses with the ability to customise rewards around analytics. There is the option of a smartphone app or physical rewards cards so nobody is left out.

The rewards system is points based, earn points means you earn rewards. This system runs on an Ipad that Belly provides, however, there is a monthly subscription fee. The thing we like most about Belly is it integrates with social media and email, this means customers can spread the word about your great services and deals with their friends and family.

5. LoyLap 

LoyLap 1060 Loyalty and Customer Management Systems

LoyLap has all the great features you would expect such as the ability to pay for products via topped up accounts, detailed analytics, customised push notifications/email marketing campaigns along with social sharing options. The company’s unique selling point is its degree of flexibility in terms of the types of loyalty systems they can offer businesses.

LoyLap works with their customers to ensure they are using the most effective loyalty solution for their business. This is achieved by analysing the app usage in businesses to determine what’s appropriate for them. We think that one of the best things about LoyLap is that businesses also gain access to LoyLap’s marketing team who help with your digital marketing campaigns. This is all included in their basic service. LoyLap is billed monthly with no minimum duration or set up fees.

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