🥁September Product Update: Bizimply Connect Webinar and 52-Week Average Report

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As September comes to a close, we’re excited to give you the latest news about our product.

We have some great news this month: Our UK customers can now use Bizimply to calculate the 52-week average employee holiday entitlement! We also had a really special webinar about our soon-to-be-lauch Bizimply Connect!

Read on to find out what new things we’ve brought you this month!

Preview Bizimply Connect With Our Webinar Walkthrough

In September, we held a special webinar to preview our soon-to-be-launched employee communication platform Bizimply Connect.

To get a thorough explanation of how Bizimply Connect was designed with businesses like yours in mind, we spoke to Dylan from our Product Team. He talked through a range of practical examples to illustrate how Bizimply Connect can take your employee communication to the next level.

Watch our Bizimply Connect Webinar

52-Week Average Report

UK customers can now use a new Bizimply to calculate the 52-week average employee holiday entitlement, taking the guesswork out of following the holiday legislation.

NoteThis feature is only available for customers in the UK.

We’ve added a report to Bizimply that calculates employee holiday entitlement using the 52-week average method.

This process can be complex so, for full transparency, we’ve also added a 52-week average reference period report. This shows exactly which data was used to calculate the entitlement. Further information on this report is available here

Click here to find out more!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months!

If you have any questions about our product don’t forget to ask Bizimply. Want to get certified on Bizimply? Check the Bizimply University.

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