🥁August Product Update: Sick Leave Tracking and New Integration

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As August says goodbye, we’re excited to share the latest update on Bizimply’s product with you. 

Bizimply’s mission remains the same: to help hospitality and retail businesses manage their workforce efficiently with technology.

This month, we have some great news: Our Irish customers can now easily track Statutory Sick Leave entitlements within Bizimply. For UK and Irish customers, we’re also introducing a new integration with PeopleBank!

Keep reading to dive into the updates we’ve brought you this month!

Are you tracking Statutory Sick Leave with Bizimply?

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Irish customers can now let Bizimply do the hard work when it comes to calculating Statutory Sick Leave entitlements. 

Watch our Statutory Sick Leave Webinar  (starts at 2.25) ▶️

Note: This feature requires ´Time Off Tracking´ in order to use the feature.

What’s new?

  • Track how many days have been marked as Statutory Paid in the employee profile Sick Widget
  • Mark days as Statutory Paid on Sick records
  • View suggested statutory sick hours and entitlement at the time of logging a sick record on the Sick Leave box your requests
  • View hours and days logged against the Statutory Paid option in the Employee Time Off Report and Employee Sickness reports.

Click here to find out more!

PeopleBank Integration


Customers using Peoplebank as their applicant tracking and candidate management system can now transfer successful candidate data from Peoplebank to Bizimply, automatically creating an employee profile. Click here to find out more!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months!

If you have any questions about our product don’t forget to ask Bizimply. Want to get certified on Bizimply? Check the Bizimply University.

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