Know when and where your working

No more calls or messages, now the schedule is in their pocket!

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No more calls or messages, send the schedule to everyone with just a click!

Instant schedule updates

When your schedule is ready, simply press publish and allow your employees to see when and where they are working. If you have to make a change simply re-publish the schedule and all changes will be updated instantly!

Attach messages to shifts

Need to ask your employees to bring something to work or remind them of a large event happening today? Just attach messages to their shift and they will see them on their phone.

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mobile schedule app for employees

Make it easy to know whats happening

Everything you need to know, now just a tap away.

Employee scheduling and attendance platform

Scheduled Shifts

Allow your employees to check their shifts and receive any schedule updates or changes, on their smartphone. With the MyZimply app for employees the schedule is in their pocket - and confusion as to who is working a thing of the past

Check Shift Messages

Need to communicate instructions or messages with shifts? Bizimply lets you add a message to any shift on the schedule and employees will be able to see it on their app. It's communication made easy.

Updated HR Profiles

Employees can access their contact information from their app. This is automatically synced with their online profile and allows employees to keep HR records up-to-date.

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