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Individuals working in the pub industry understand the crucial truth of the phrase “fail to prepare and prepare to fail”.  Thus, they know the importance of planning ahead with good rota software for pubs, both to prevent and be ready to tackle any hiccups that arise in the business.

However, pub employees also understand the importance of not getting bogged down in admin work, as it is such a customer-facing industry and the time is simply not available.

It is all about obtaining the right balance, and using your time wisely – this is where Bizimply comes in!

The problem?

Within hospitality, staffing needs can change frequently, therefore, more time is spent on admin work, and this can cause immediate revenue loss for the company that hires the extra or too little staff.

The long-existing way of producing staff rota in the hospitality industry is time-consuming and tedious.

Managers first have to create/type up the rota, then print it, they display it in a common area as well as send it via staff members by email or WhatsApp photo message. Then, if a staff member wants to change a shift they have been given, the entire process needs to be redone.

Luckily Bizimply has created a solution, digitalizing the rota process into a more efficient model with our Rota Software solution. Some of the greatest features of switching to rota software are the time-saving benefits, the convenience and the security.


The product is a convenient, easy to use service. As most businesses want to cut down on time and agreeing on schedule, this will help your staff have more time to focus on other tasks, and increase productivity in the workplace. With Bizimply Rota Software, managers and other staff members can track important employee documents online in one secure place.

Time Saving

Bizimply Rota Software systems offer the ability to create shift templates and copy entire rotas, and thus saving hours of admin work every week. Instead of typing out rotas, printing, and distributing rotas to employees manually, with Bizimply, you can build perfect schedules in a few clicks.

Control your biggest variable cost with budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, and staff planning technology tools. With our drag and drop feature, you can build schedules in minutes, and share across multiple locations, while also avoiding issues with making changes. 

Better Security

Then of course there are security-enhancing benefits, such as compliance checks.

Hourly paid staff to have varying requirements like maximum or minimum contracted hours per week. Bizimply’s Rota Software system alerts users when one or more of these conditions are breached on a draft rota.

In addition, there is the benefit of having Labour cost tracking as managers like to see how much their rota is costing them, and live costing updates allow them to iterate and improve on their setup each week.

Why is rota software important?

In many restaurants, where there are hundreds or even thousands of staff members, using spreadsheets to manage shifts and schedules can become something of a nightmare, especially when multiple versions of the same document are kept on different devices. To help streamline the process, rota software is important for managing all shifts and schedules from a central dashboard.

What makes Bizimply’s rota software stand out?

What separates Bizimply’s rota software from other systems is how beneficial it is for a company to have a live system in place. When it comes to staffing, managers can always ensure that they have the right person in the right place at the right time, even if last-minute changes arise. By using our rota software you can instantly update your team on shift notices.  

Can my staff clock in and out remotely?

Yes, Bizimply provides a web clock-in system where employees can clock in from their laptops. The PC-Based Clocking System enables employees to easily and securely manage their time and attendance directly from their desktop, making remote clock-in secure and easy to see for employers and managers.  There is also an option for managers if an employee forgot to clock in, to add the missing time manually. This allows employers to track employee time and attendance with Bizimply during times when remote working is a safer and more practical option for employees.

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