Payroll with Bizimply is designed to be a breeze – deliver payroll-ready exports of your attendance data quickly and efficiently in Bizimply’s cloud-based system. This information can be immediately input into Zellis’ payroll software, saving time and money.

Bizimply and Zellis combined form a complete people management solution from rota-building to payroll. With Bizimply, your payroll data can be structured in a fixed format that can be imported into Zellis format – making the payroll processes painless.

  • Easy Payroll Management: Make payroll tasks simpler by moving timecard data from your workforce software to Zellis. This makes things smoother and reduces the chances of payroll mistakes.
  • Personalized Setup: Set up the integration to fit how your payroll works in Zellis. This gives you the freedom to handle different payroll situations more easily.

Bizimply provides a user-friendly feature that simplifies the export of employee attendance data in a format compatible with Zellis. This functionality ensures a secure and seamless process for efficiently uploading the information onto Zellis.

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