Sales & Labour Hours Forecasting

Target and compare sales against both scheduled hours and historical data.

Labour Forecasting

Ensure You Stay On Target With Anticipated Demand

Optimise team productivity, reduce costs, and maximise revenue using Bizimply’s all-in-one demand forecasting solution.

rostering software forecast

Reactive Shift Management Solution

Run Shifts Smarter With Accurate Forecasting

Match schedule hours versus target hours to ensure business continuity and consistency across your team’s shifts. 

Labour Understanding

Not Just Numbers - An Intelligent Shift Management Solution

Make data-driven schedule decisions powered by Bizimply’s all-in-one shift management solution. Our solution is built for shift-based businesses looking to gain better control of their labour costs and anticipated demand.

Restaurant Labour Forecasting

“I’ve been using Bizimply for years across my seven stores. It’s a brilliant tool to track and control costs”

Rob Robinson

Co-founder & Director

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