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#258 Matthew Cameron Founder of TMC Consulting on Enhancing Work Environments

Today we’re joined by Matthew Cameron, a consultant dedicated to improving employee retention, performance, and well-being in hospitality businesses.

They explore Matthew’s transformative journey from a challenging hospitality career, marked by a personal crisis, to his current mission of enhancing the work environment for others.

Matthew shares the concept of job crafting, his personal daily routines for maintaining well-being, and effective strategies for leaders aiming to create a supportive and fulfilling workplace.


#255 Dr. Vincent Walsh – Global Circular & Regenerative Living Systems Expert

Tai Ricci, partner at Hi Neighbor Hospitality Group, joins us for this episode. Tai explores a range of topics critical for success in the hospitality business, focusing on innovation, culture, leadership, and the impact on communities.

She shares her journey from her creative background into the world of hospitality, highlighting how personal experiences and a desire to create a heart-centered business led her to co-found Hi Neighbor Hospitality Group.

She discusses the mission behind the group, their approach to crafting a supportive culture, and the lessons learned through challenges and successes.

#242 Darragh Fanning GM Ireland at Zambrero Ireland: From Rugby Field To Restaurant Franchise

In this episode, former rugby player and current general manager of Zambrero Ireland, Darragh Fanning, shares his transition from professional sports to running a fast-growing restaurant chain, Zambrero.

Zambrero is Australia’s largest Mexican restaurant franchise with a strong focus on donating meals to those in need. Darragh talks about his entrepreneurial journey, his initial plan to remain hands-off in the restaurant business, and the challenges he faced during his career change. He addresses the topic of inflation and its impact on businesses and shares how he structures his work around increasing sales and productivity.

Darragh also provides advice to those who seek to build a business as a force for good and emphasizes the importance of focusing on growth, networking, goal-setting, and maintaining consistency within a franchise.

#202 Christian Mouysset, Co-Founder of Tenzo, on the Experimental Mindset


Today we explore actionable business intelligence and forecasting for restaurants. We are joined by Christian Mouysset, Co-Founder of Tenzo, who is currently revolutionizing restaurant operations. The restaurant management and sales forecasting app works with leading brands such as The Breakfast Club, Pizza Pilgrims, and Nando’s.

In this episode we discuss Tenzo’s goals for long-term growth, addressing the major industry issue with food waste, using AI to experiment, how Christian gets comfortable with failure, being a category leader – and setting the bar high when hiring.

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