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#143 Dino Joannides, Advisor and Senior Executive at Bizimply and rezexe, on Doing Your Homework

Dino Joannides is a Senior Executive with over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and general management. He has developed skills in creating a number of high performance teams as well as key relationships with customers, partners and distributors. Currently, he is the Advisor and Senior Executive at Bizimply and rezexe.

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#141 Dave Oakley, CEO at DOC Inc., on Going From Good to Great

Dave helps leaders create breakthrough performance and cultures with his approach called LeadDifferent, and he is the CEO at DOC Inc.

#140 Lorraine Copes, Founder of Be Inclusive Hospitality, on Supply Chain Transparency

Lorraine Copes has a far and wide background in procurement and diversity and inclusion. She’s the Founder of Be ​​Inclusive Hospitality – a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to accelerate racial equality in the Hospitality sector – and a Procurement Consultant.

#139 Josh Sharkey, CEO at meez, on Leadership Decisions in the Kitchen

Josh Sharkey is the founder and CEO of meez, the recipe tool for professional chefs. With over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Josh launched the culinary technology company in 2020 to provide chefs the home for all their recipes, menus, and ideas.

#138 Matt Grimshaw, Founder of The Pioneers, on Culture as Your Competitive Advantage

Founder of The Pioneers, Matt Grimshaw. The Pioneers are a team of culture engineers who help scale-ups to design and build the People Operating System they need to drive rapid and sustainable growth.

#137 Alexandra Berger, VP of Product Sales at Hourly by AMS, on the Holistic Recruitment Process

In this discussion we explore what makes a good recruiting process, the power of human interaction, how to find candidates at high volume, positioning your employer brand – and what candidates are looking for in jobs.

#136 Nick Cramp, Author and Transformation Coach, on Better Before Bigger

Author of ‘Better Before Bigger: Rethinking Business Success’ and a Transformation Coach. Having worked previously as a business owner, Nick understands running a company can sometimes feel overwhelming.

#135 Antoine Melon, Co-Founder of HOMEtainment

From chefs to bartenders, live musicians to DJs, HOMEtainment helps create memorable events from the comfort of your own home.

#134 David Lockwood, MD of Neal's Yard Dairy, on Having a 10-year Plan

Today’s guest David Lockwood has been involved with the British cheese scene for 25 years – and is currently the Managing Director of Neal's Yard Dairy.

#133 Lee Curtis, CEO and Founding Partner at RESIDE

Lee Curtis, CCHP, co-founded RESIDE in November 2017. RESIDE’s core purpose is to fundamentally change the short-term rental and alternative accommodation marketplace.

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