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#238 Denise Dupré Co-Founder at Champagne Hospitality

This week we cover cultivating culture and sustainability in the hospitality industry with Denise Dupré.

In this discussion, we focus on the crucial role of culture in the hospitality industry, the method to get the right people in the right positions, and how businesses can tackle global challenges such as climate change. Denise discusses her family background in the hospitality industry, her love for champagne and the philosophies and strategies of her company. She also shares the impact of climate change on her business, the importance of cultivating a culture that encourages growth, learning from mistakes, and the critical role of humility in leadership.


#236 Herman Koppe – Business Transformer at Herman Koppe

In this comprehensive conversation, Herman Kober, a former executive at Nestle and a social selling expert, discusses the significance of social selling in building meaningful relationships in the professional world, especially on LinkedIn.

He highlights how its use shouldn’t just revolve around promotional content but about sharing value-adding and relevant content. He stresses on how social selling isn’t a one-time activity but a consistent long-term plan of nurturing relationships for predictable growth. Herman also emphasizes the importance of correctly maintaining individual or business profiles on LinkedIn. He shares how data from LinkedIn profiles can be leveraged and outlines how to measure the success of social selling efforts. The conversation concludes with Herman sharing on the importance of cooperation between sales and marketing for maximum effectiveness.

#202 Christian Mouysset, Co-Founder of Tenzo, on the Experimental Mindset


Today we explore actionable business intelligence and forecasting for restaurants. We are joined by Christian Mouysset, Co-Founder of Tenzo, who is currently revolutionizing restaurant operations. The restaurant management and sales forecasting app works with leading brands such as The Breakfast Club, Pizza Pilgrims, and Nando’s.

In this episode we discuss Tenzo’s goals for long-term growth, addressing the major industry issue with food waste, using AI to experiment, how Christian gets comfortable with failure, being a category leader – and setting the bar high when hiring.