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The Wandering Elk, which opened in 2021 are changing the bakery game one Irish town at a time, growing from one location to four over the past year. Home to the tastiest American style Stodge Face doughnuts, cupcakes, sambos and artisan coffee. The team are always working hard behind the scenes and getting creative with their treats. The cafes are not only people-friendly but dog-friendly too! With a team of full-time, part-time and casual workers, creating rotas and monitoring hour worked was a laborious and time-consuming task every week for Megan Munro, Group Manager, who had used Bizimply previously in another company, so she knew the challenges could be resolved with an easy-to-use workforce management platform.

The Challenge

Before Bizimply, Megan was using excel and paper to populate the roster. Employees were then sent a text message with their hours for the week. As the business was growing, Megan recognised she needed to find a better way to manage this as it was not efficient and quite time consuming.


“all the schedules were being completed on a spreadsheet, then sent out to everyone via text message, it took way too long and there were often miscommunications with staff”


Megan found it difficult to manage the clock in and out times, and if the correct breaks were taken or not. Megan had no control over labour costs. When trying to demand plan for the roster, they didn’t have a clear overview if they were overstaffed or understaffed at any one time. 


“Employees would to sign in and out on a sheet, we had to trust our employees as we had no way of knowing their exact in/out times.


The Wandering Elk have been using Bizimply for the past 3 months to help them run a successful business and overcome the challenges outlined.

The Solution

Bizimply has helped The Wandering Elk streamline workforce management systems and improve communication across the business too, saving them both time and money. Creating rotas has now become a lot simpler for Megan; “Bizimply allows us to manage rotas quickly, seamlessly and professionally – our scheduling time is down by over 60%” Employees love how easy it is to submit holidays and being able to see their balance. “Giving our staff the responsibility of booking their time off through the app is convenient for both them and us. They can submit holidays wherever they are, wherever I am, whatever day/time, with full visibility over their holidays accrual. Payroll runs far more efficiently, and the process is simplified with everyone working off a single, cloud-based system “The payroll process is just so smooth now, Bizimply is simple to use and automating our processes has proved positive for our business. Our accountant used to get a picture of the timesheets by email and often there was confusion as they couldn’t read the handwriting.” Another benefit of having a cloud-based system is that “you can access the account from anywhere, all locations are managed from the one account making managing time and attendance, labour costs, scheduling and compliance a whole lot easier.”

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