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Sim Trava is a Costa Coffee franchise that operates 34 stores across the North of England, employing around 400 people.

We spoke with two store managers at Sim Trava to learn about their experience using the system & the changes that it made to their role.

We gained an insight into how Kat & Dave managed their stores before using Bizimply & how the change has impacted their duties.


Kat has been working with Sim Trava for over 10 years. She has always been used to their paperwork processes and working off spreadsheets.

They did have a system in place to monitor employees hours, but the information was never accurate, which made more work for the store managers.

Implementing Bizimply, a cloud-based solution, was a big change for Kat, considering she has spent 10 years without a workforce management system.

Before Bizimply

• Employees were sent the rota through a Whatsapp chat.

• Payroll was a long and confusing process as employees could manipulate their time & attendance system & 99% of the time, the shifts would duplicate.

• Payroll would take at least two hours to complete.

• She had to contact head office regarding any holiday information.

• It took two hours to download reports using their old system.

• Employees were taking longer breaks than allowed, but they had no way of tracking the break time.

With Bizimply

• Kat creates her rotas four weeks in advance. It only takes her 1 hour to plan for the four weeks.

• It takes Kat less than 10 minutes to complete payroll.

• She has gained control over how much her labour is costing.

• She can now log & track her employees holidays in the system & see how many hours they have accrued, without having to rely on their head office.

• The dashboard gives her an oversight into everything that is happening in her stores.

• She has immediate access to reports & live data, through her phone or laptop.

The Shift Log & the dashboard are Kat’s favourite features in Bizimply. Kat loves having access to the live data that allows her to monitor what is happening in each of her stores.

With the Shift Log, Kat can track wastage, daily sales & receive feedback from employees.

Kat also likes our picture capture feature as it gives her a laugh when approving hours.

“The team love the pictures, they all do funny faces. It’s amusing to watch them clock in​.”


Before Bizimply

• It was difficult to plan labour as they used spreadsheets with their own formulas, which created a lot of problems.

• Dave could not monitor his employees break times.

• He had no way of accurately recording his employees working time.

After Implementing Bizimply

• Dave saves about 2 hours of management time per week in his store.

• To create a weeks roster, it only takes him between 5-10 minutes.

• Processing their employee timecards for payroll takes less than 5 minutes per week.

“It’s dead simple, it’s one of the simplest things I have ever done in my life.”

Dave loves the visibility he has over his store now. Through his Bizimply Managers App, Dave can check in on all of his stores to check their sales & their daily shift log.

“It’s easy, I can do it from my phone, from the sofa, wherever I am.”

His favourite feature is the dashboard as he has access to live data & historical data.

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