Crêpeaffaire’s story began in 2004 when the first family-run shop opened up in London. 

Since then, they’ve been on the move, spreading joy with stores from Brighton to Newcastle and as far as the Netherlands and Kuwait. 

What began in London is now a chain popping up both locally and abroad.

Their creperie whips up fresh crêpes right in front of you, satisfying your cravings any time of day. 

Pancake enthusiast? Forget waiting for pancake day – they serve up pancakes all year round!

Marta, People Manager at Crêpeaffaire chatted with us about the challenges.  As the business grows, managing the team and expanding locations hasn’t been a walk in the park.


The Challenge

The team grew, and locations expanded, making it tough to handle everyone.

The software they used wasn’t cutting it for the operation and keeping employees happy. Nor did it improve employee engagement and customer service they appreciated and wanted for their locations.

“Wages were easy to manage until we started growing. We got to a point where we needed something better from the tech industry – it was time to implement stronger software that would help us manage our teams” says Marta.

Because of this, Bizimply was rolled out across Crêpeaffaire’s 12 Locations.

Marta also shared they wanted to have more visibility over more aspects of the business.

The team didn’t have full insight into their sales and labour costs, employee performance or inventory; “We wanted to identify more opportunities for growth within the business and knew that deeper insight to our sales and labour costs would benefit greatly.”

They needed a game-changer, and that’s where Bizimply stepped in

The Solution

To tackle their issues head-on, Crêpeaffaire brought in Bizimply

“With Bizimply, we have much more controlled shifts than we did before. We can plan for demand and busier periods to ensure we are providing good customer service.”  

Now, schedules take 15 minutes. They split costs by job, giving a clear picture week by week.

Bizimply’s easy and intuitive platform also simplifies scheduling for store managers in different locations.

Magda further highlights how; “we can now separate the costs of different positions and have more visibility of key positions over day and week period.”

 This was essential to help them save on their labour costs.


But Crêpeaffaire didn’t stop there; they teamed up with Tenzo to get even more from their data.

With the Bizimply and Tenzo integration, Magda, the Operations Manager revealed as a team they are now able to “make faster and smarter business decisions.” 

Bizimply and Tenzo conduct real-time checks, ensuring that documents and rules are consistently in compliance. 

Magda loves how decisions are quicker and smarter. “Our dashboard shows everything at once—actual versus plan. It’s a game-changer.”

The finance team have a deeper financial reporting insights at hand, enabling Crêpeaffaire to make faster decisions and scale the business moving forward in both the corporate and franchise world.

With Tenzo in the mix, the Crepeaffaire team can dive into their sales data and send those numbers to Bizimply through the sales integration.

This helps the team schedule based on past demand and see sales figures in their shift logs automatically, helping improve efficiency!


Overall, Crepeaffaire’s team loves Bizimply, they highly recommend making the digital switch.

Implementing workforce management software that will automate any manual processes helps to drive productivity, and profits and increase the engagement of staff too.

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