Workforce Analytics for HR: How Data Can Make an Impact

Workforce analytics are important and using data to analyse this allows you to identify trends where you can adapt and improve your strategy.
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Workforce Analytics

Why is Workforce Analytics important for HR? Without human resources in the workplace, an organisation would not be as structured or compliant. From constructing interviews, employee performance reviews, or organising onboarding and training of new employees, the HR team are there to ensure that employees feel secure in their role and have someone they can rely on for support or advice. There are new challenges arising every day, but the latest appears to be deskless workers and how to manage them. The mobile workforce is a trend that is here to stay and so the implementation of digital technologies is more necessary than ever before. Let’s explore why organisations have started to implement digital technologies and how the data from these technologies is opening them up to deeper, benefiting insights to workforce analytics.

It helps to Identify Shortages in Talent

Exploring data that gives you insight into the productivity and efficiency of your mobile workforce allows you to see how tasks are being shared amongst teams and whether it is distributed evenly. It can also highlight if understaffing is a problem in the workplace and in particular which areas are lacking the skilled staff to take on the job. Therefore, it can help managers identify the type of role they need to hire for next. 

Decisions on improving workforce and organisational performance

If evidence shows a pattern with an employee who is regularly behind on their projects or activities it could reveal they need to complete more training in a particular area or be provided with the correct and updated software required to complete the activities expected of them. If a deskless worker is consistently showing this type of behaviour, there may be deeper issues that are causing the problem that need to be addressed.

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Improve Employee Experience and Engagement

Using digital technologies allows the HR team to collect data on how the employees are feeling about their current role. They can distribute surveys from time to time to analyse their experience and are a productive tool for employees to elicit any feedback that may be of benefit or interest to the employer. Whether this could be an improvement in scheduling, the possibility of being put into another role or availing of more training the data can highlight this and actionable steps can be taken to improve. 

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Integration with other softwares

When software is integrated with other softwares you currently have, the attraction to implement it is much higher. For example; if your workforce management software connects seamlessly with your current payroll system, it makes it easier for data to be transferred and communicated across the team. Therefore, productivity levels are higher and employees are happier as all data can be accessed in one location instead of the inconvenience of having to log in to multiple systems. 

Right person, right place, right time

One organisation has many different functions which of course requires many different skill sets and so finding the right person to achieve these tasks is important. Having a software that can store the skill sets of employees and performance reviews can allow the organisation to identify the right person to assign to any upcoming tasks based on their previous performance.

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