What is Recruitment Costing You? Discover Cost-Saving Strategies for Hospitality Business

Explore how the seamless integration of Bizimply and strategic recruitment partners not only simplifies employee data transfer. Empowering managers to prioritise the first impression, enhancing retention and showcasing your business culture.
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In the dynamic world of hospitality, reducing recruitment is an ever-pressing need. 

The sector faces unique challenges, such as high turnover rates, demanding a strategic approach from the recruitment process to the post-hiring phases.

To cut down on your recruitment expenses, we’ve compiled a list of cost-saving actions for hospitality recruitment. Especially for managers and business owners.

We’ll also discuss how Bizimply’s recruitment partners can speed up your internal recruitment and onboarding processes, allowing you more time to implement these money-saving strategies! 

Keep reading to discover how:

1. Retention: Your Ultimate Cost-Cutting Ally

In hospitality, jobs often change hands more than in any other business. To tackle this, we know it’s not just about paying well. 

As we mentioned in our blogs on “How Can You Prioritise Work-Life Balance?” and “Still using WhatsApp to message your employees? Here are 6 reasons why that’s not a good idea.” we are moving towards a workforce that cares way more about their well-being. 

Keeping staff around means having a good company vibe, especially for young hires. 

Even if those employees leave after college, a positive work environment can keep them engaged during their 3 or 4 years of working with your company while in college.

How? Offering benefits, setting clear communication rules and encouraging social connections – all to cut down on recruitment costs.

2. Seasonal Variations: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Get ready for the ups and downs of your business by planning for seasonal staffing needs. It’s vital to have a strategy for temporary or part-time staff when things get busy. Likewise, be prepared for quieter times during off-peak periods. 

Simpler things such as keeping in touch with former employees, and hiring people not only based on experience alone but also because of their attitude are key points to stay ahead of the curve.  

Building a solid culture ensures that even if employees are away during slow periods, they return when you need them most. Reduce recruitment costs with smart seasonal planning.

3. Rapid Recruitment: Efficiency Unleashed

In hospitality, recruitment can be as fast as in any other industry, but just being fast is not enough. When recruiting you need to make sure the crucial parts are being discussed with the candidate.  

Interviews should set clear expectations for both the employer and the candidate. 

Respond fast but ask the right questions,  be flexible with interview timings, and fast-track the job offer when ready. 

This process not only brings candidates with a good attitude but also cuts down on long-term costs, helping to reduce recruitment expenses.

Save time, enhance retention, and showcase your business culture effortlessly with Bizimply and our recruitment partners.

Instantly import employee data from the recruitment software to Bizimply, allowing managers more time to focus on making a lasting first impression.

 Elevate your efficiency, reduce recruitment costs, and transform your workforce management.

4. Utilise the Power of Referrals and Local Networks 

Engage your existing team in the recruitment process. Asking for referrals expedites the hiring process and ensures a cultural fit. 

Since hospitality businesses often serve local communities, utilise local job boards, community networks, and educational partnerships to tap into suitable candidates.

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