How to build a better relationship with customers remotely using social media

COVID-19 is affecting our ability to connect with customers on so many levels. 

Some have taken steps to move online during the temporary shut-down, while others are open, under new social distancing and safety guidelines. 

For businesses, social media is now more important than ever in communicating vital information and connecting with customers. 

A solid social media presence can make the difference between surviving and thriving under the current circumstances. But this doesn’t mean you need fancy graphics or snappy videos. 

Here are 5 simple things you can do to connect with your customers online:

Communicate the new normal

 everyone is aware of the current situation, so show customers what to expect if you are offering a takeaway or delivery, or new opening hours. 

Show that you are supporting others

 Fast-casual restaurant groups like QFM in the UK found themselves supplying the hard-working NHS staff. If you are supporting anyone during this time, big or small, shout it out! 

Letting others know about the work you do for the community is a great way to build trust and customer loyalty.

Collaborate with customers

Our friends at Coke Lane Pizza are going the extra mile to help the frontline. They created a campaign called ‘Feed the front line” and invited their community to help. They asked people to donate money so they can feed the hardworking frontline staff and have raised over €10,000…

Ask for support/help

Being direct is good. Use social media to highlight the ways your community can support local businesses to get through this time. From direct financial support in the form of online orders or vouchers to emotional support from motivational messages or reviews. 

Remember: Your business is as much a part of the community as the people it serves.

Entertain – have fun with it.

Your customer’s don’t want every single message to remind them of COVID-19. 

Your tone of voice through this time can provide some much-welcomed laughs and escapism from the current situation. Highlight employees and interaction – images of dogs always go down well. 

Positivity, gestures of goodwill and entertainment are appreciated and give your social media profiles added value. 

With these 5 simple examples, you can build your social profiles and connect with your community and customers, all with the aim to #bouncebackbetter.


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