Track attendance with Bizimply’s Timestation clock in app

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Ipad Time Clock

You can now easily track employee attendance with Bizimply’s Timestation clock in app.Clock in and out on an iPad and prepare timesheets in minutes not hours.

1.No expensive hardware to buy!

Just download Bizimply’s Timestation app and turn your ipad into a clock in station in a matter or minutes.

ipad air timestation
Timestation – the new time & attendance app from Bizimply

2. Prepare and process payroll

With Bizimply your manager can now prepare and process payroll in a matter of minutes. Timestation is ready to use as soon as you download it. Just enter your pin and start your shift, simple.  

3.Run time and attendance reports

Managers can see who’s in and run time and attendance reports anytime, anywhere. you can monitor attendance from your mobile phone and compare scheduled with actual hours and costs.

4.Operate off-line

Best of all the Bizimply TimeStation App can operate off-line too and as soon as an Internet connection becomes available, your device will automatically synchronize.

Just go to the App Store to download your Time Station today.



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