Top HR Influencers To Follow On Twitter

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Top HR Influencers to Follow on Twitter

You know that your people are what will make your business a success! But managing people is a skill in itself and not everyone can be expected to be an expert in the latest HR thinking. So following on from our last blog ‘10 HR Tech Solutions Every Manager Should Know About‘, we decided to come up with a list of some of the top HR influencers to follow on Twitter.
It is always a good idea to follow other experts in the industry as it is a great way to learn new ideas while also keeping up-to-date with current HR trends. The list of  HR influencers we have chosen all have a huge amount of experience and know exactly what they are talking about, so why not head over to Twitter and give them a follow?

 Top HR Influencers


William Tincup @williamtincup

William is the president of RecruitingDaily which is a company that creates content relating to Recruiting and HR. They connect companies with the HR technology and recruiting tools they need. William is a writer, speaker and advisor who regularly tweets about issues surrounding HR.

Alexander HR Influencers

Alexander Kjerulf  @alexkjerulf

Alexander is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of the well-known company Woohoo inc. Alex travels around the world attending conferences and visiting businesses to present and conduct workshops on happiness at work. Some of his clients include Hilton, IKEA and Microsoft. He is also the author of 4 very popular books, including the international bestseller ‘Happy Hour is 9 to 5’.

China Gorman HR Influencers

China Gorman  @ChinaGorman

China has years of experience working in HR under her belt. She was the CEO of the Great Place to Work Institute and the Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO of the Society of Human Resource Management to name a few. China currently speaks to businesses and HR audiences on various topics, including the future of HR and the CEO perspective on talent.

Sabrina HR Influencers

Sabrina Baker @SabrinaLBaker

Sabrina is the founder of Acacia HR Solutions, a company which focuses on HR outsourcing, HR consulting and HR placement. Sabrina shares lots of great information on HR and recruiting. She also tweets updates from the speaking events and conferences she attends.

Matt Alder HR Influencers

Matt Alder @mattalder

Matt Alder is regarded as a highly influential recruitment specialist and futurologist. Matt helps companies to get the best out of recruiting activities and to understand the rapid digital transformation of the HR and Recruiting sectors. Matt also produces regular podcasts on various issues affecting the industry.

Marc Coleman HR Influencers

Marc Coleman @HRNEurope

Marc is the founder and CEO of HRN, a company which focuses on the future of work and technology. HRN host an event known as HR Tech World which attracts CEOs and HR Leaders of the world’s fastest growing companies and leading enterprises. Marc’s tweets focus on quotes to motivate employees and current industry trends. He also blogs on the future of work.

Jeanne HR Influencers

Jeanne Meister @jcmeister

Jeanne is a partner with Future Workplace which is an HR Advisory and Research firm. She is also a keynote speaker and co-author of ”The Future Workplace Experience”. Jeanne tweets about trends impacting HR, Talent and Learning.

Greg Savage HR Influencers

Greg Savage @greg_savage

Greg is the founder of leading recruitment companies People2People, Firebrand Talent Search and Recruitment solutions. He is also a regular keynote speaker and advisor. Greg regularly tweets recruitment and leadership insights and articles from the industry.

Dan McCarthy HR Influencers

Dan McCarthy @greatleadership

Dan is the Director of Executive Development Programs at the University of New Hampshire. He is an expert in leadership and management development with an award-winning blog “Great Leadership”.

Jennifer HR Influencers

Jennifer McClure @JenniferMcClure

Jennifer is a well-known keynote speaker, president of Unbridled Talent and CEO of DisruptHR. Jennifer tweets frequently about recruiting and leadership and shares some interesting articles related to HR.

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