Tolteca Uses Bizimply to Cut Time-Consuming Payroll Practices

Payroll costs managers time and money every week. We spoke to Sushil Sharma, Operations Manager for Tolteca about how the popular chain processes payroll now.
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Tolteca’s chefs travelled from the Centennial State of Colorado to Ireland in 2011 to share the local blend of Mexican Cuisine married with the best of Irish produce and ingredients.

Tolteca believes that all good food is sacred, and so, their food is crafted with masterful skill. Unlike their ancestors; the only thing Tolteca sacrifices is time. 

Tolteca uses Bizimply and Sage to reduce hours from their payroll processes.

The company’s Operation Manager, Sushil Sharma, felt the company was spending too much time hacking away at payroll practices rather than on their craft.

Sushil told us about the impact Bizimply’s payroll feature made across their five locations in such a short time:

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Locations: 5 Employees: 70

What was Payroll like before Bizimply, Sushil?

Sushil Sharma: Before Bizimply, we used pen and paper to create our schedules across our five locations for our 70 employees. Tolteca employees clocked in on the POS system. From there, we downloaded hours into a PDF. We painstakingly converted them to an excel sheet before finally sending to Sage. It could take me all day to do payroll on a Monday, going back and forth for hours.

What differences did you see when you implemented Bizimply’s Software?

Sushil Sharma: “The time-saving aspect of Bizimply is massive: everyone knows their role and the steps they need to take. By using Bizimply & Sage for my payroll I save hours every week. When we set up Bizimply, we completed our employee’s payroll ID’s in about 20 minutes. From then on we could just import hours straight from the time-clock in-app. Using Bizimply has been hugely beneficial.”


Bizimply’s integration with Sage is one that works wonderfully for managers who manage shift run businesses in hospitality and retail. If you’d like to learn more about how Bizimply can help you save hours every week on your payroll processes, you can book a free 90-minute consultation tailored for your business by clicking here.

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