The Big Wins of Clock-In Software for Your Business (and why Clock-In Machines are a thing of the past!)

In this blog, we explore the benefits of using clock-in software like Bizimply and why digital clock-in machines have become dated.
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John Adams Patent Document - Time Clock
John Adams‘ patent of the first time clock.

England issued the first patent for a time clock almost 170 years ago.

While some companies still use old-school methods, software is now the industry standard. Because it offers better reliability and security.

Bizimply has a whole range of features, with some new exciting ones around the corner. But, digital clock-in has always been central to us. It’s how we make every one of our customers shifts run like clockwork.

Let’s dive in!

With a Clock-in app, your business will:

…Gain more control and precision.

In the past, a single clerk was responsible for ensuring that employees arrived on time. He was also responsible for indentify the latecomers and absences.

Then came clock-in machines and now, clock-in software.

Clock-in software actually combines the qualities of the clerk and the clock-in machine. It’s able to notice things like late clock-in, staff not taking breaks, and identity checks. It’s also automated and easy to maintain.

Adopting clock-in software is a simple idea and we make sure it’s easy to get up and running. However, businesses are quick to notice there’s a whole host of advantages, such as…

…Turbocharge your payroll process.

Clock-in software goes far beyond creating accountability for latecomers.

Having precise employee attendance information on hand means you can speed up payroll. One of your business’s most important internal processes.

This takes a lot of the hassle and guesswork of paying out to hourly workers or seasonal workers. Especially for businesses with a high turnover and large workforce.

In fact, digital clock-in does a lot to…

1930s Workers clocking in work.

…Simplify how you deal with flexible and non-flexible employees.

As your workforce grows, it can be hard to keep track of different schedules. Especially as some employee’s time might be more flexible than others.

Digital clock-in not only takes note of attendance. It also knows which employees should be clocking in and when.

The ability to allow for that added flexibility makes for an attractive workplace. It should also help combat skill shortages and talent retention issues.

Now, here’s the juiciest bit. Why clock-in apps are the bee’s knees:

Unlike clock-in machines, the clock-in app uses picture verification to prevent “buddy punching.”

“Buddy punching” is when one employee asks another employee to clock in on their behalf. Though it’s not common, it has an impact on everything from fire safety to the bottom line. Buddy Punching is a serious blocker to a business running smoothly.

This is where clock-in apps, like Bizimply, come in. Bizimply takes a photograph of the moment someone clocks in using a tablet. This means you can make sure the right person is at the right location, no matter where you’re based in the business.

What if the employee is on the go? No problem. Bizimply’s mobile app records the GPS data of the employee at the moment of clock-in. Making sure they’re where you expect them to be.

Why is Bizimply the ultimate clock-in software?

Wallet-Friendly Setup.

Say goodbye to those expensive hardware setups. Download the app on your business tablet or any smartphone, tap away, and voila—your team is ready to go!

Record live attendance.

With Bizimply’s Time Clock App, employees can clock in and out at the touch of a button – in-store or on their phones. Our solution immediately uploads live attendance info to the cloud. That way managers can see who’s in and who’s late at a glance.

Verify records fast.

Managers can easily check clock-in data on Bizimply’s web app. Our photo-based and GPS clock-in prevents inaccurate records and time theft. You can export attendance data quickly for payroll. Saving you more time to put your focus on other areas of the business.

Time Clock App for simple and effective time and attendance tracking.

Our Time Clock App for iPad is easy to install and easy to use by employees and managers. Each employee uses a unique, easy-to-remember PIN to clock in. Our app correlates with our main software, giving managers live attendance records.

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